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    Pokeshifting Thread

    need some help pokeshifting 6 pokemon, pm me
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    Just how prevalent is Pokésav?

    Thread is nothing but a debate on morality, like mentioned before. Person A believes PokeSav is a way to cheat (as it requires your game to be attached/ in contact to an external device other than your DS, which by nintendo's standards, is a form of cheating). Person B says it isn't, and...
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    First Competitive Team

    Ferrothorn - switch curse with thunder wave or protect. Curse ferrothorn needs a team built to support it. Reuniclus - 1 Attack move = no coverage. You might be able to spam psychic all you want, but a scizor with sDef(common) can come in easily, sword dance a few times with a roost in...
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    New. Rain Dance Team.

    ^ Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you plan on playing competitively on serebii, you can't exactly have Drizzle Politoed, Swift swim Kingdra, & Swift swim Kabutops on the same team. http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=468340 Anyway you might want a rapid spinner on your team like...
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    Garchomp Banned Once Again

    It's probably because Soul Dew isn't available in 5th Gen yet?
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    never needed items pokeshifted @_@

    never needed items pokeshifted @_@
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    Pokeshifting Thread

    Got it done, thanks :P
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    #207 Gligar / #472 Gliscor

    Looking for: DW Gligar Impish Nature(Female) Pm me
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    Hack-Check Thread (Read the OP for simple hack-checking)

    Just got this over GTS today, wanted to know if it was hacked Pokemon Species:Lucario Nickname:Sniper OT:Sjon OT Gender: Male IDno: 54707 EV's: Unknown IV's: Unknown Nature: Brave Characteristic: Likes to relax Ability: Steadfast Moves: Brick Break, Force Palm, Shadow Claw, Poison...