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    My Platinum Team

    Hey, I could use some help with my team please. I am about to face the Elite 4 for the second time with the higher leveled pokemon. I don't care about IV's, Natures, or items, and I don't use non attacking moves, so please do not suggest them. Thanks :) Garchomp Lvl 80 ~Dragon Claw...
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    Who should I use my Master Ball on?

    Hey everyone. This is my first time playing FR, I was wondering who I should use my masterball on. I have caught all the legendary birds with ultra balls, so it is now between Mewtwo and Suicune. I need some other peoples past experience with catching both of them, to give me advice as to...
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    My Fire Red Team. Suggestions welcome.

    Hey everyone. Could you please look at my team and see if any improvements can be made. Please do not suggest non attacking moves, apart from Hypnosis and Sleep Powder, and I don't care about hold items and natures. I am unable to breed or trade and do not have multiple TM's Thanks very...
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    Suicune, Entei or Raikou?

    Hey. Which one do you think is the best one out of all the legendary dogs? also please state why you like it. Personally i have always likes suicune because its really kool and i love water types!
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    Do you think they should remake G/S/C for DS?

    As the title says, do you think they should do a remake of G/S/C for DS like for R/B/Y? I dont know about you guys but i sure miss playing G/S/C, and my silver has died so i can't play anymore and would love to keep playing though. What do you think?
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    My new Diamond Team

    Hey everyone, this is my new diamond team that i am making without starting my game again. some help on ITEMS would be soooo much appreceated. thanks so much guys and btw i dont mind about EV's/IV's so please dont put them up. Thanks! XD Torterra Adamant Nature ~Earthquake ~Wood Hammer ~Stone...
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    Do you think 2nd gen was alot different to the others?

    The title pretty much says it. If you think about it, 2nd gen was quite alot different to all the others. here is why The had no fossils and all the other gen's have All other gens have had a dragon trio, but GSC had a ground/dark trio Alot of the pre evo pokemon were introduced and also...
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    My new Diamond Team, advice wanted please!

    Hi. I am wanting to start a new diamond team to enter into the pokemon league and train to level 100. I am wanting to use these pokemon. please, any tips are welcome on movesets and items, but none on EV's and natures because that doesnt matter to me, and i will not go back and breed pokemon...
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    Have you ever wanted to live in the world of pokemon?

    Hey i thought id start this thread to ask, has anyone ever thought that it would be totally awsome to live in a world of pokemon!! i remember when i was like, 5 and i had pokemon yellow, i would pretend i was a trainer and i would talk to my pikachu all the time and like act out battles and...
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    My Emerald Team Please Rate and Comment

    Hi, Here is my Emerald Team. I am not sure what to do for items so some help there would be appreciated. Also i am not sure of EV's sorry. Blaziken (Sassy) Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut Earthquake Fire Punch Gardevoir (Quirky) Psychic Thunderbolt Shadow Ball Calm Mind Bellossom...
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    My Small Lvl 100 Team

    Hi. This is my team of level 100 pokemon. There is only 3 in the team, but i find it easier to gain experience that way. Any Suggestions are very welcome. O also i am not a fan of non attacking moves, so please don't put any in if you are planning to because i think they are a waste of time...
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    My yellow team please rate

    Ok here is my yellow team all of them are level 100 xD please rate and give any suggestions. Raichu Thunder Mega Kick Thunderbolt Light Screen Charizard Flamethrower Slash Fly Seismic Toss Blastiose Skull Bash Hydro Pump Ice Beam Dig Venusaur Sleep Powder Solar Beam...
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    Whats your fav starter out of all the reigons and why?