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    Pokemon Re-type Mis-Match (Approved by Dragonfree)

    starter retype sounds great :D It doesn't have to be 5th gen starters imo I only come to serebii.net for this thread, please don't let it die!
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    Helio Version Fakemon

    I apologize if I've offended you. I see where you're coming from. When I first posted my own monsters on a forum, someone claimed one was a clone of a neopet monster-- I felt really insulted, as I made that monster from scratch, and have never seen the neopet before. Other people said my...
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    Helio Version Fakemon

    Aquakip, they're all lovely. Cute, simple, nicely colored. The pixel art is near perfect. My only complaint is the most common problem with fakemon. They're remakes of existing pokemon. Chamelica even begin like and ends like chikorita. I mean, it doesn't even make sense. why can't Chamelica...
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    Yoshinichi's Fakemon Sprite Nook

    I simply love Crokindle <3 Rollava is cute, but it's hard to see where the nose ends. Separate it from the body with an outline/ highlight. I think its eye is a bit too small. Pepember is meh. I mean, it's a fire type red pepper, make him more exciting. make him glow, spout fire, green(the...
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    Teh Shiny Sprites of Tun

    I love your fakemon <3 You seem to be god at this, the "random" trainer sprites look professional.
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    Top 10 most creative and noncreative looking pokemon

    Celebi: celebrate + bee + spring (grass type) + fairy + spring festival. Still super-creative. Manaphy: Agreed. not that creative. Jirachi: It doesn't look like a genie. it's a star-shaped fairy that grants wishes. Still creative.
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    Top 10 most creative and noncreative looking pokemon

    Many here said a pokemon isn't creative, just since it reminds some animal. I disagree. Put Meowth next to a cat photo, are they really that similar? Cats don't have shiny coins on a way-to-big-and-chiby head. It's like when people see Mary's face on a toast. my top 10 creative: Nidoran line...
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    My sprites

    The last ones are better. I think the red/blue/yellow Venusaur is your best sprite. Shuckle's eyes don't look right for some reason.
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    Pokemon Re-type Mis-Match (Approved by Dragonfree)

    Cool, I get a 2nd place :D
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    Most shiny pokemon look dumb.

    I see what you mean. I believe that no one actually sits down and re-colors every pokemon into shiny, but it's some sort of program, that switches the colors rather randomly. There must be SOME rules to this, or we'd get this: The basic rule is probably just to add a bit of yellow to get...
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    Pokemon Re-type Mis-Match (Approved by Dragonfree)

    Here's my entry: Bones,I really like your Tropius sprite ! There are so many talented spriters here, nice to meet you all :D
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    Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

    It's a little different than what I imagined scyther like, but I LOVED it! .. If the last line is a joke, I didn't get it..
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    Just Another Normal Third Poll

    lol klnothincomin, How can that be Normal? maybe a normal/water.. The sprite itself is great, so you still get my vote. and Kurbeenator, that's one of the best re-types I've seen. 3rd vote goes to Growlachu. good luck everyone!
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    Pokedex One-Shots (PG)

    I think I'm addicted to these one-shots, hurry up with the scyther one, Ysavvryl ! My favorite is the one with Rotom, but Dorapion is close after (lol for hairless bipedal creatures..) The peace symbol was brilliant, and I love your ideas on how TMs and pokeballs work! To sum that up... Holy...
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    WSC Week 19

    Raunikai, that purple hurts the eyes, I made it white, hope you don't mind..
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    WSC Week 18

    Hehe, sorry. I should have checked there before asking.. ^^
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    Cellophane Glasses Poll 2 of 4

    voted for Douger- I love the angelic feel& how it fits the pokemon zerinci- interesting color choice, and Cubone's mother for the 'soft' coloring.
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    Cellophane Glasses Poll 1 of 4

    ditto that. Aquakip's entry really catches the eye, I think it's the best entery in the contest.
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    WSC Week 18

    um.. why only these are up for vote? *sorry, It's my first time in the contest* I was gonna vote for Aquakip & wolf gang.. anyway, I vote for rolf, raunikai & Joshua. I think they chose colors that fit the pokemon, and did a good coloring. Good luck to all participants. :D
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    ~*"We Will be Spriters!"*~

    They're very original, and kinda funny :) I like jumpluff the most, also the revamps in the 1st page are really good.