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    hacked pokemon

    I have a question: If someone hacked a pokemon and then trade that pokemon to another DS by GTS, is that pokemon ilegal in... let's say pokemon VGC (video game championship)?? Because it would be unfair since the guy who receives the pokemon may not know that the pokemon is hacked... peace ;)
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    pokemon movies

    Since their all awesome, and they're getting better and better it's hard to decide wich one is the best... what do you think? wich one is your favorite? Mine is The rise of darkrai :D
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    Getting lvl. 100!

    There are so many different places to battle in the game... I've allways wondered... In your opinion, where's the easyest way to lvl a pokemon intil lvl. 100 in pokemon pearl/diamond and platinium??
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    Hidden power!

    I don't know if there is another theat with this or not, if there is, I'm sorry... Anyway, it's about the move "hidden power" I don't get it! How does it work? Can you chose the type of the move in anyway? Or is it random? Those calculations on serebii.net just made me even more confused :s...
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    Another new guy!

    HI EVERYONE! Let me start by introducing myself: I'm pkmaniac Nani, most known as Nani only. I've a pokemon trainer for a long time, but nothing too serious... And now I'm starting to get more and more interested in the pokemon games, so I'm on my way to became a pro :D (or a failure we'll...