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    Misty and brock are to appear in bw 116

    It could be a flashback or something but its confirmed at bulbanews.
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    Why has pokemons popularity declined so much

    I could notice the show isnt the show it used to be. I've read that the show has lost 46% of its fanbase. kanto was the one that started and made the show what it is and glued the people on their seats. johto had low ratings and misty was weak in character so misty was removed. hoenn was a...
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    if ash had used charizard in the unova league, would have ash won the league

    charizards been training for such a long time now and it must have got a lot stronger than when it was in bf. it even beat articuno back then. charizard was already pretty strong. Now, it should be the ultimate charizard