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    Trouble Logging In

    Hey! Recently I've been having a lot of trouble logging in. I'll enter my username and password in the bar at the top of the page, and it will say that I'm being redirected, but I'm never actually logged in. It took me about fifteen times before it finally let me actually log in. Any idea...
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    The RNG Club

    Welcome to the RNG Club! In past generations the abuse of the games' Random Number Generator has become extremely popular amongst those seeking perfect Pokemon; those who won’t settle for anything less. With the introduction of the 5th Generation came a different Random Number Generator...
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    Hey Serebii .net, and all whom inhabit it. I'm extremely excited about the amount I may be able to contribute here. I may be new to these forums, but not forum boards in general. I've been part of several other vb forums and phpbb, too. I doubt (after looking through other introduction...