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  1. KenoShay

    LF: Shiny Milcery

    Hey there, I’m looking for any nicknameable shiny milcery the more the merrier I can offer shinies from gen 7 that are transferred over: Chandelure (named Chandler), Silvally (named Valiant), glalie, reuniclus (named Cytoplasm) and vikivolt (named Swoozie) I’ll also offer anything I can breed...
  2. KenoShay

    Your favorite of ash's pokemon?

    Please vote on which of ash's pokemon is your favorite ^_^ and of course post your thoughts
  3. KenoShay

    London 2012 olympics

    who ya rooting for? Home country? Favorite event? Anything else you want to say...
  4. KenoShay

    My team ^_^

    Hello im new to the site but very familiar with pokemon. My team is as follows: Staraptor Garchomp Infernape Swampert Luxray Mamoswine