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    No Boundaries: Pokemon x Pokemon Shippings

    zoroarkXweavile= darkclawshipping gothitelleXdusknoir= vortexshipping sawsbuckXstantler= antlershipping jellicentXtentacruel= fluidshipping haha i like to pair similar cool pokemon :D tell me what ya think!
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    No Boundaries: Pokemon x Pokemon Shippings

    there should be a shipping with stoutlandXarcanine :D canineshipping
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    yeah if my wifi works i would like to battle but sometimes my wifi will have problems. my fc is...

    yeah if my wifi works i would like to battle but sometimes my wifi will have problems. my fc is 0904 0559 9641 and i can try battling if it works :P
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    hey i would looove to post threads about warriorcats or reply to some :DD just like you said in...

    hey i would looove to post threads about warriorcats or reply to some :DD just like you said in your warriors fan group
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    No Boundaries: Pokemon x Pokemon Shippings

    ash's pikachu X dawn's buneary= rodentshipping meowth X skitty= kittyshipping meowth X glameow= felineshipping gallade X gardevoir= spiritshipping
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    Klnothincomin's First sprite thread

    hey can you tell me how to make my own sprites like you did with your own pokemon and gym leaders? i need to know how since i have lots of ideas of my own to create. pleae tell me how to create sprites and share them in threads
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    Deviant Art - Post your username here!

    MY DEVIANTART!!! http://thefiercewarriorcat.deviantart.com/ pictures of pokemon, pokemon characters, stuff i like :D
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    um yeah im not in college yet im in high school

    um yeah im not in college yet im in high school
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    Negaishipping (Ash x Iris) General Discussion - SPOILER WARNING

    ahhh yeah i think ash and iris would make a fun couple. and it may be kind of tiring for ash to keep getting new girls and then just leaving them later on, but at the same time, its cute and just proves what a lady's man ash looks like!! :DDD cant wait to see negaishipping amvs!!!
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    Takeshi and Hikari, to appear in episodes specials on 3 february 2011

    oh my gosh thats so cool! they should have misty or may come back too, it would be pretty awesome to have all of the old characers reunite for an episode or two :D
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    Old Chateau-Girl?

    yeah apparently, the girl is just a random ghost in the old chateau that can appear in that same room randomly anytime. but you can never talk to her or come up to her, she has no significance anyway. theres also an old man you will find in the downstairs room, but he's just the same
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    hey im new here and i want some friends in my contact?

    hey im a real pokemon fan here and i would loooove to answer or comment anything posted about pokemon. so feel free to add me as a friend and share your threads with me, and i'll be more than happy to post in them, AND PLEASE POST COMMENTS ON MY THREADS TOO!!
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    what do you think of IRIS from best wishes?

    who likes her? how do you feel about her relationship with ash? he's meeting another girl for the fourth time XD whats your opnion on iris?
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    pearlshipping vs. ikarishipping vs. twinleafshipping

    dawn and ash dawn and paul dawn and barry just discuss your opinions on any of them ;) i think twinleafshipping is cuuute and ikarishipping romantic <3 (ash is already cute with misty)
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    best dragon pokemon???

    out of- dragonite salamence garchomp flygon kingdra post which one you think is the best dragon pokemon and why. i think dragonite might be the best, since its hard to defeat and has high attack
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    get you team rated here!!!

    POST YOUR CURRENT TEAM. ANY TEAM!!! just post your pokemon, its moves, stats, EVs, and nature. it can be from any game. post your own team and have it rated, and also rate other people's teams :D
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    Is it just me.......

    ehhh i never played the old games, so it seems fine to me right now. though i would like to play the old ones and see how different it was and how much its changed
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    What Was Your Favorite Pokemon From G/S/C

    gallade is my favorite. he aces battles in battle towers and the battle frontier, and can take on probably all of the frontier brains. hes like a lucario with a little higher attack stat and better sp defense :D
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    Official Pokemon Discussion Thread

    hey i like your sprites. can you show me how i can make my own pokemon sprites? im new here
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    Your favorite Legendary of the 4th Generation

    i used to like cresselia since it was pretty and hard to kill. but now i think my favorite legendary would be arceus, darkrai, shaymin :D arceus is the strongest pokemon EVER, with stats and moves XP