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  1. bobjr

    Top Games of 2021

    It's that time of year where no major releases are left, and we're all ready to make our top games of the year list. Despite 2022 looking stacked, there was a lot of solid games released this year, and even then you might have found a new gem from years ago. 1. Any game that you have played in...
  2. bobjr

    Conspiracy Theories you believe.

    For a recent idea I had about a thread, why not talk about conspiracy theories you believe, at least on some level. They don't have to be 5 levels deep or world shaking events if they came out as true, but they do need to somewhat be recognized as a conspiracy theory, it can't be some already...
  3. bobjr

    Top Games of 2020

    Needless to say 2020 has, for a ton of people, been a dramatic change to the way we live and the way we do everything. It has been unpredictable, unsteady and unwelcome. I, and so do we all, hope that Games + video gaming has been a wonderful distraction for you this year or at least one of...
  4. bobjr

    Best/Worst Horror Movie of the Decade

    This is a copied idea, but one I really like. I hear a ton about what movies define a decade, and I want to hear what people have to say from a horror movie perspective, because those are a personal favorite of mine. Since preference does take into account, I would like to hear why you...
  5. bobjr

    Biblical Literalism and Organized Religion - Bats are Bugs

    Church Attendance is dropping, that fact cannot be argued. The ones that grow are often only because other churches around them close and they all congregate to one church. But there hasn't been a similar drop in those who believe in God or claim to be religious, even though more people will...
  6. bobjr

    Fire Emblem Heroes: Steampunk 776

    Since Fire Emblem Heroes as a mobile gacha game is so different in structure to a regular series game, I figure we could split this into it's own thread. That way we can post about what we get and talk about current content, since they mentioned biweekly updates. Also considering as of right...
  7. bobjr

    Bobjr's Smash Gimmick Thread - Now with prizes!

    Smash is a game with a lot of options, and why limit ourselves to just the same thing over and over again? I want to make tournaments where you play a way you might not have played before, or to put you in games you wouldn't do on your own. I'll do about 1 tournament a month, each with a new...
  8. bobjr

    The Karma/Schadenfreude Thread

    This is a thread for all funny accidents/injuries/bad stuff happening to people who sometimes deserve it. Schadenfreude is a word meaning "laughing at others misfortune" and most people enjoy it. So if you have a picture, news article, or story to tell about people getting hurt doing stupid...