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    X/Y OU Team In need of some changes

    So I have used a couple different pokemon and I have been using these six lately. Sylveon leftovers calm cute charm 252 hp, 252 spdef, 4 spatk wish moonblast toxic protect Sylveon is my spdef wall/stall pokemon. I have a problem with other stall pokemon and anything I'm weak against, but...
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    First Competitive Team. Need Advice Please.

    Hi! So I have been breeding pokemon for my team. I used this team in pokemon showdown, but I didn't do very well with them. Aggron @ Aggronite Sturdy Calm 4 Atk / 252 SpD / 252 Hp - Earthquake - Rest - Heavy Slam - Sleep Talk My aggron is still a wall after some changes. Got rid of stealth...
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    Hello! I'm Brian and after watch too many youtube videos of x and y wifi battles I caved and bought a 3DS and Pokemon X today! I haven't played a pokemon game since emerald so this is all very new and exciting! I only have the first badge but I plan on making a competitive team after I beat the...