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    OU/BL Team

    ;142; Aerodactly @ focus sash Ability: pressure Nature: jolly EVs: 252atk/252spd/6hp Stealth Rock EQ Stone Edge Taunt/Iron Head Sets up SR and sweeps. Was considering Iron Head over taunt for flinching purposes, as I'm not too concerned with set ups since they give me time for my...
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    00ber team help

    I'm worrking on a legendary team, primarily to beat the last round of stargazer colusseum on PBR, but I was also hoping to make it halfway decent for the 00ber environment. I have no idea what is typically run, so any help is appreciated. Anyways, here's what I have so far: Mewtwo...
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    Pokemon Adoptables

    I've seen many of us with the pokemon adoptables around, and for those who don't know there are supposed Mews (adoptables?) being given out randomly when you level up an adoptable. Perhaps everyone would like to post here with their adoptables so we can all try to get this random mew? Just an...
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    Stargazer Colusseum

    It's the hardest colusseum to beat.. period. Your final opponents are chalk full of 00bers, so you have to use 00bers if you want to survive easily. Now, making an 00ber team isn't quite so easy considering so many of them have similar typing. Aside from the Drizzle and Drought necessities...
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    Team Rate/Help

    I'm putting the finishing touches on my team, but there are a couple of things not quite decided. A rating would be appreaciated on a scale of 1-10 as well. The second item is for under the item clause. Suicune Bold w/lefties Roar Surf Ice Beam Calm Mind Mismagius Timid...
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    Battle Fonteir

    I think most people agree that the Battle Fronteir on emerald is a PAIN IN THE *** to complete, so I thought it would be cool to share our teams for the facilities we were able to complete. I myself am out to lunch trying to get all the gold symbols. For you who have managed to get all the...
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    Team help

    Could someone maybe look at my team? I'm not sure about the balance. Weavile aerial ace night slash brick break ice punch Togekiss Safeguard Aura sphere tri attack softboiled Misdreavus destiny bond shadow ball thunderbolt confuse ray Azelf extrasensory u-turn...