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    All of a sudden a strange man popped out of the ground...AGAIN!

    CRAGLY~HO! Whew, it's been awhile since I came back around here. Any who, for all of you new sprouts who never met, I'm Fossil Man. Lover of all fossils and strange pokemon. Finding my copy of X and Y re-sparked my love for pokemon (because let's face it, Black and White kinda stunk for...
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    A Trip Down Memory Lane...

    Cragly ~ Ho! It's been awhile since I've came here on the forums, hasn't it? Well, I was scrounging through my attic and what do you know, I found my very first copy of Pokemon Blue. Popped it into a GBA SP and the whole thing works. I'm deciding to take a trip down memory lane with this one...
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    Fossil's Black Victory Road Team

    Craggly~HO there good pokeenthusiasts, I've been trying to excel through my versions of Black and White over the last few weeks. While I have not been able to play my White Version of all, I'm already nearing the 8th badge as we speak. I'm going to be posting a pre-determined list, though, of...
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    All of a sudden, a strange man appeared out of the earth

    CRAGLY-HO! It's ME, Fossil MAN! Those who remember me, hello to you all again! I've been gone for quite some time now, and just wanted to get back into the groove. For those new folks, well.......CRAGLY-HO! Happy to be back here folks
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    Howling Sands (A BT RMT)

    Cragly-Ho my good friends, I've been gone for quite some time due to many an unfortunate amount of accidents (my laptop is more ancient than my fossils *laugh*) And even though I'm not up to complete snuff with it all, I've decided to be a bad boy and post on the college's computers That...
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    Fake Pokemon Thread

    I understand that this is a bit risque here, but I believe I will give this a shot. As the Serebii main page just mentioned recently, April Fools Day is coming closer and closer, which means that soon across the internet Fakemon are going to pop up their heads somewhere. Granted it's just for...
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    Fossil's Heart Gold Team

    Hello all you folks out there. It's your favorite (or at least I hope so) ground dwelling, rock collecting crazy nutball FOSSIL MAN *cue theme music* Alright folks, now with Heart Gold and Soul Silver coming up, and after a few nights of scratching my head in thought, I've come up with an...
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    Ancient Sandstorm (a Battle Tower Party)

    Right, hello everyone it's your favorite (or at least liked) pokemon breeder/battler Fossil Man. Lately, I've been thinking about a Battle Tower Theme Team which shows off two of my more liked things in pokemon; Fossils, and Rock-Types. I'll show what I have down now so far...
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    Fossil's Custom Teams (2 of 13)

    Hello every one, I got some good reviews from last time, so let's see if I can get some more this time. I've wrote this team down in paper and trained a few too for EV experiments and we'll see how well it came out. ------------------ Sceptile Quirky w/Leftovers Overgrow Energy Ball Dragon...
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    First Team Build (Please Rate Fairly)

    Hello everyone, I have decided to see if all the research and hard work that I did actually works out to something. Actually, this is only the first of twelve...that's right, TWELVE teams consisting of my favorite pokemon that hopefully I'll be able to train them all And without further...
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    *All of a sudden, a strange man popped out of the earth*

    Cragly HO! *brushes off dust* Hello everyone, I'm Fossil Man. One new rookie for the Serebii forums. Don't have much to say else though I'm afraid, except... Cragly HO! *digs back underground*