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    ashs Inferape over-used?

    I think he is very over used. He had a lot of screen time with Paul, which wasn't that bad, but by the time it was with ash it started to become very overused. it had almost to much scrrentime when it really wasn't doing anything, participated in a most of the more minor battles, (mostly...
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    burger king or mcdonalds?

    Do you like burger king or mcdonalds better BASED ON THERE FOOD And please no idk's or neither's
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    which of ashs vetrans should evolve?

    Who do you wand and think should evolve from ashs pokemon before sinnoh? i didnt include pikachu (duh) or bulbasaur (already refused)
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    what game(s) do you want remade?

    what games do you want remade? I want the original super smash bros. to be made on the ds.
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    Did you like aipom better with ash and unevolved?

    Did you like aipom better with ash and unevolved? I did, she was funnier/had more personality. Now shes a boring 2 handed monkey who rarely appears (she appears more than some of dawns pokemon, like pachirisu).
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    poll:Do you want chimchar to evolve?

    Do you want Ash's Chimchar to evolve? I don't, I think if it does it could overshadow Charzard. What do you guys think?
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    future episodes

    as some of you may know, there was a future ep. thread in the anime spoilers that was closed and suggested to be opened here. so post your own episodes, but make sure there more than just a summery. here are some of mine: dp107 rampardos vs bastiodon!! the episode starts with the group...