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  1. Titan500

    Endgame Protocol - Sign Ups (PG-14)

    ENDGAME PROTOCOL GM: Titan500 ~~~~ The man groaned as he pulled himself to his feet, the sound of machinery whirring in the background as he staggered through the ruins of his laboratory. Sparks flew off broken devices around him, some managing to land some glancing blows on his...
  2. Titan500

    E4+Champion White RMT

    Built a team to battle the Elite 4 after beating N and Ghetsis. Wanted another person's opinion. Bisharp @Expert Belt, Level 81 Nature: Calm Ability: Inner Focus HP: 219 Attack: 226 Defence: 205 Special Attack: 113 Special Defence: 146 Speed: 158 Moves: -False Swipe -Iron Head -Brick Break...
  3. Titan500

    Pokemon Chess

    Note: The way of chess in this is Chinese Chess, not the one you normally see. Chapter 1: Somewhere on a distant battlefield, armed Hitmochan stood ready, waiting for the command of their general. "Hitmochan-2 move forward!" shouted a commanding voice from above. It obediently moved...
  4. Titan500

    Bionicle: Matoran Revolution

    Introduction Part 1: In the time before time the Great Spirit, whose name was Mata Nui brought his creations: Rahi,Matoran and other things to life and blessed the Matoran three virtues:Unity, Duty and Destiny. But Mata Nui's brother, Makuta, was jealous of these honors and cast a spell over...
  5. Titan500

    Pokemon Snatcher

    Okay this is how you play it one person is a Pokemon snatcher and he has to steal a person's pokemon and they would have to PM me so the Pokemon snatcher can steal a pokemon another person has to find out who is stealing the pokemon before the snatcher moves to snatch my pokemon and the rest...