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    I need to find a game...

    I remember, when I was a wee lad in my fourth year of elementary school, staying inside at recess because there was this AWESOME game the teacher had installed on all of the computers. This game taught you about oceanic food chains. It started you off as a Sea Cucumber, I think, or maybe a...
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    Because I'm a moron who can't remember properly...

    Are GHOST-type moves ATTACK or SP. ATTACK in nature? :/ For some reason, I've always thought Ghosts = Attack while Dark Types, their 'opposite', = Sp. Attack.
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    (YGO Traditional) Wannabe-Yuugi Deck

    :P Sue me. This deck was mainly for fun, and I am actually surprised by how well it works. Monsters: Level 7 and up: 2 Dark Magician BLS - EotB Level 5 and 6: 4 Summoned Skull Dark Magician Girl Chaos Command Magician Jack's Knight Level 4 and lower: 10 Obnoxious Celtic...
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    Official Unofficial Halo 3 Discussion/Speculation Thread!

    Right, we know it's coming. We've (hopefully) all seen the trailer. And for those of you that haven't, it can be found Here, plus various other sites/Limewire/whatever else. So, instead of having various topics pop up as the game gets closer and closer to its release date, let's just keep all...
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    So what are you hoping for at this year's E3?

    I myself am looking forward to a Video of Halo 3. It is of course a must-want game for alot of gamers, myself included. Other things I can't wait for is the Final Fantasy 7 spin-offs such as Dirge of Cerberus, and other such games, that is if we get previews yet. Hopefully, there won't be an...
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    PM Problem

    O_o; I think they messed up the PM thing. O_o' I can't send a PM for another 2000-odd seconds? But it requires waiting for 60 seconds O_o;;
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    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    (Psi gave me permission, so there :P) Welcome one and all, to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am your Headmaster, Skrutsi. You may notice a few changes around here, but I assure you, no great harm will come of you from any of them. I remind all students under the...
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    The New Harry Potter Club

    Yeah, I got permission from Psi to re-start it... ...about a month ago XD Well, I'm just now finally getting to starting it, thanks to a hectic life. Well, welcome one and all, to another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am your Headmaster, Jeff, and soon, you shall...
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    How were you introduced to Pokémon?

    How were you introduced to Pokémon? I was introduced about the age of 8, almost 10 years ago. My mom got me Red Version for my birthday, she had heard it was the latest gaming craze. When I saw it, I was actually like "...this is boring..." >_> I can't believe I said that :o
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    Yu-Gi-Oh (T) E-Hero Deck

    Now, bear with me, as this is my first shot at an E-Hero deck ^^; I just recently got 4 of the 6 fusions. 7* Monsters: (1) E-Hero Bladedge 4* and Lower: (14) Wroughtweiler King of the Swamp Command Knightx2 E-Hero Bubbleman E-Hero Claymanx2 E-Hero Sparkmanx2 E-Hero Wildheartx2 E-Hero Avian...
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    Bittersweet Revenge (Yu-Gi-Oh Fic, Preview)

    Hiya all ^^ I'm an aspiring writer, and this is really my first time at trying. *shoves all of his previous fic beginnings underneath his bed* *coff* ANYWAY...I'm just showing you all a little preview of my newest fic that I might actually get to posting soon :O le gaspzorz...
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    Guild Wars!

    I checked, the last thread made about it was 4 months ago :< Have you heard of/own this game? IMO, it's better than the other big name MMORPG games out there (WoW and etc.) Plus, a good bonus are no monthly/yearly/whatever fees! Buy the game, play forever! If you own the game, what are...
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    I wanted to attract attention to both of these games and not double topic, so they both go into one >>;; Does anyone play these games? If so, could ya kindly list your name and area of connection (Starcraft) or what server you usually play in (Counter-Strike)? It'd be nice to play with...
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    Redwall: Time Of Peace

    The Abbey of Redwall has stood in Mossflower Country for many, many seasons. Vermin of all shapes and sizes, from Sly Stoats to Rancid Rats, have attempted to best the Abbey and her allies, to take control of it. So far, all attempts have failed. Peace has settled on fair Mossflower and...