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    The Harvest Moon Club

    Welcome to the Harvest Moon Club! (credit to SilverLuigi101) This is a club where people who like to play Harvest Moon on all consoles can come toghether and talk about Harvest Moon, ask for help, and have fun! Rules: 1. Listen to Serebii Club rules. 2. Please do not talk about Rune...
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    All Harvest Moon GBA and DS games Thread discussion

    All Harvest Moon Games Thread discussion (all consoles) This is a thread for all of those people who need help, advice, and other stuff on all of the Harvest Moon games. we talk about all the Harvest Moon Games on all consoles! (if there are any of you out there who play it.. BUT if u do then...
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    It won't let me tuck in a pokemon!

    Ok so the game sync on my game in Pokemon White won't let me tuck in a pokemon. at the beginning of my game I tucked in my pokemon once, then woke it up and now whenever i try to tuck in another pokemon it always says that game sync has run out of energy! Well its been a couple of weeks since i...
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    Snivy's Breeding Shop

    WE ARE REOPEN FOR BUSINESS! :D Welcome to Snivy's Breeding Shop! What snivyoshawottlvr can do: Breeding: All pokemon that I breed are in Pokemon Black and White. Hatched Eggs: Female Snivy Hardy Lvl. 1 12HP 5/6/5/6/6 Tackle, Aerial Ace, Energy Ball, Grass...
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    I got a question can you answer it?

    Ok so I got a question for all you people. I'm a Pokemon breeder and I want to make my own breeding shop here on the forums. Which forum should I use?
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    What Partner Pokemon do you pick?

    Hello there! Which partner pokemon do you pick in the beginning of Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia?
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    Can you rate my team?

    Hello there peoples! I'm asking you to rate my team but i have to warn you, I'm not done with the game yet so my pokemon's levels are kinda low! My Pokemon: Drilbur aka Burr Lvl. 27 Gender: Female Nature: Hardy Ability: Sand Rush (Boosts speed in Sandstorms) Item: Soft Sand Moves...
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    Need help with Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby? Come here!

    Ello there peoples! snivyoshawottlvr here (aka Hoenn Region Expert). If you ever need any help with Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby games just ask me! I can tell you a lot about them! I can also tell you how to get the Regis! ;)
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    Hi!! :D

    Hello there! I, snivyoshawottlvr, am new here to the forums so if I say something wrong then please don't blame me! Blame the other guy! Anyways just wanted to say hi! :D :502::501:;058; rule!!!