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    Battle Frontier

    Battle Frontier Team (First) I've recently made a Battle Tower team. I would like some suggestions to make my team better. Meganium Item: Leftovers Nature: Bold EV's: 252 HP / 80 Defense / 176 Sp. Defense - Reflect - Light Screen - Energy Ball - Toxic This guy is most annoying in...
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    Double Battle Team (First Team)

    I've recently made a Double Battle team for Nintendo WiFi and Nintendo's Official Tournaments. This is my first time so it might suck. Since they're all around level 20-30 except Suicune and Zapdos so you may also suggest me for EV's. I can EV erase using barries. Toxicorak Item: Focus Sash /...
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    Pokemon Reborn

    I have made a website that's based on Pokemon Infinity, which is my old website. I have two latest episode guide for Pokemon Sunday. We will be updating more so please check it out. Enter Pokemon Reborn today. http://pkreborn.comli.com
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    Pokemon Infinity

    I have created a new website and it has free layout gallery and avatar gallery. Please visit Pokemon Infinity today! http://pokeinfinity.site50.net
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    New Here

    Hello and I'm CRUSH10055 and I'm new to here. Some people might know me as Crush, Drake, GaustKaizer, Zips, Hoshi No Kozou and others but if not.... o well;munchlax;