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    Old Sketches and Drawings

    While I don't have many pokemon drawings on my porfolio, I do draw them occasionally. I do have original works too. I don't really want to describe them too much since it ruins the interpretation. but feel free to leave a comment. If you'd like to see a few more of my works, keep your eyes on...
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    [Pokemon] The Arceus Holy Grail Wars

    [PG-13] The Arceus Holy Grail Wars The Arceus Holy Grail Wars The time has come to raise steel against steel and test which of the chosen will become the victor in the 'Holy Grail Wars' style tournament. Seven chosen masters must summon servants of various classes to aid them in battle...
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    Mew's hard to catch... Pokemon MD

    I'm having trouble Finding mew in The Buried Relic. I've been through there twice. (With X- ray specs, Friendbow, I've tried it all) and I still can't find it. Even my stratagy guide isn't helping! Edit: I'm level 68 with friend Bow.
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    Dungeon Teams

    I apologize if this thread already exsists but... Below, I would like you to post the name of your team and your main team members. Here is mine as an example: Team Kaiser: Platinum Rank Aqualis(Feraligator) Ryu(Shelgon) Magnet(Metang)
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    Little Gif I put together.

    It took me a long time and it doesn't move very fast but it's a BOF Gif. I wanted to put it as a sig to show off but I can't so I thought I'd dump it here and see what you guys and girls think. As you can see, I'm a hardcore Breath of Fire fan
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    That was the password Proffessor Oak typed in on Mystery of Mirage master. Do you think it has any meaning to Pokemon Fire red Leafgreen? The password was Redgreen
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    Any Rare Gems?

    This is a genral disscussion thing where you talk about rare pokemon memrobelia you have at home whether it be cards, manga and so on. Here's why I set up the thread: In my draw in my house I have some very rare pokemon stuff. I have a few sealed Pokemon manga comics, some of the first...
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    Altering Cave

    I've had Fred Lgreen for 3 years and I've never got the jist of altering cave. In emerald, their is also altering cave. Apparently through coding you can get certain pokemon to appear, but isn't the whole point of pokemon and Nintendo is that they didn't want you to cheat. If someone could...
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    Ash doesn't grow up

    I noticed this. Same with a lot of programs. If pokemons gone on for over 10 years, around 1000+ episodes, how come ash doesn't act his age. If he started his journey at the age of 10, shouldn't he be about 20 now?
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    Bleu's Fusions and Edits

    Using my spriting skills, I have created the following sprites. Please do not copy them, as I did them myself, and if any infringe a lookalike of your pokefusions, it is coincedential. All my pokemon fakes can be found at the link below my sig. Newest: Nite: Ultamitely my best sprite...
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    Mudua and Legend: Formidable Duo?

    Removed Legend for reasons. Rate mudua please! Mudua's status Holding: Quick claw Relaxed nature HP: 347 Attack: 282 Defense: 237 Sp. Attk: 219 Sp. Dfense: 212 Speed: 152 Techs Surf Counter Ice punch Earthquake As you may have already noticed while reading, Legend is...
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    Pokemon Spriting Community

    I'm hoping for this to be a fully functional spriting community. Communities: [link removed] Main Site: http://chao-palace.tripod.com
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    To be to not to be?

    That is the question. I was quick-hatching an egg once with a cheat code in ruby. Without any shiny codes on, and it hatched into a shiny cyndaquil. Me and my sister are arguing whether it is a real or cheated shiny. I say it is cheated. She says it isn't. I did the same thing again and I had a...
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    Rate Kaiserdriver

    Team Kaiserdriver is my trademark and first team. Game: Uh... they've been in LG, FR, E, and S, but they where born in Sapphire Ludicolo (Ippi) Holds: Mystic water Surf dive waterfall Giga drain History: This was my second pokemon I caught in Sapphire Blaziken (Inferno) Holds...
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    Shinys Burst

    I found a total of 3 shinys in this game. And that was just in a month. Has anyone else found that the shiny catch rate is higher?
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    Pokemon War

    I think you need a flash player to play it but... anyway. This is my pokemon digimon war episodes. So far I've made 2 4 minute long videos. It might be worthwhile to look at. Episode 1: http://s57.photobucket.com/albums/g208/Bleu_photos/?action=view&current=Ep01offiacial.flv Episode...
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    It's Bleu!

    ;000; I'm Bleu, and I'm new to Serebii net. Great site guys. I thought I'd join the forums, because I love pokemon. I'm interested in missing no. and Parukia and my username came from my first shiny Bleu! The Male Nidoran in Pokemon Firered!