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    Guess the animal game!

    In this game, one person picks an animal. That person keeps that animal a secret, and the others try to guess what it is. The person who picks the animal must give hints to begin, and must continue to do so for as long as people keep guessing. If everyone gives up, then the animal must be...
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    What do you think of the deserts in the games?

    I've always seen the deserts as one of the most fun and interesting to explore areas in Pokemon. They are one of those areas that tend to have alot of pokemon that only live there. So what do you think of these unique settings? :) Here is a list of all the desert routes and areas- (I'll...
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    What Manga are you reading?

    I was looking through the forums, and there doesn't seem to be a thread for this! Nonsense, we manga lovers deserve to tell uncaring strangers what we've been indulging in! I shall begin, I have been reading Pet Shop Of Horrors, and loving it.
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    What Super Power would the above poster have?

    What kind of super power would the post above you have? Would it be used for good, for evil, or for neither?
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    What type would the above poster be?

    A game where you state what Pokemon type the person above you represents. Dual types are allowed.
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    I put this wonderful picture in my signature http://somefun.net/fun/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Let-me-just-eat-you-.jpg And now it won't show up. Anyone want to tell me why? Edit, Nevermind I figured it out lol
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    Triple Battle Team Hole Filler

    Recently, I swept through the battle mansion's triple battle with this team. However, I have a major problem now, which I shall explain shortly. First however, I shall present my team as it once was. This team has a very simple build; two physical sweepers, two supporters, and two special...
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    Rotation Battle team

    Hello there, I'd like some help devising movesets/ ev spreads for my rotation battle team! This is intended solely for the battle mansion, and thus, only has four pokemon. I am probably not going to change the pokemon I have picked, but I will consider your suggestions. This is also a themed...
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    Help please..

    How do I post a steel wormadam emote? (emotes don't work for me, have to go by text) I can post ;413-i; and ;413; but not trash cloak :/
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    Why do the types interact the way they do?

    Grass absorbs water. Water extinguishes fire. Fire burns Grass. I think, at the most simplistic level, pokemon type interactions are supposed to make a certain amount of sense. However, as one deviates from the obvious fire, water, grass triangle, things tend to become a little more...
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    The Crystal Battle Tower

    *sigh* Ah the crystal battle tower, perhaps the most daunting of all facilities within the pokemon universe! Every battle there is like a Brain battle in the newer battle facilities, the pokemon are all ridiculously good, with perfect move sets and stats. The level system is deceptive too...
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    Hello!!!!!! :p

    HII I am Saturnidae, and I am the number one bug fan... both real and pokemon. I have X, Crystal, and Soulsilver. I love battles in X, so feel free to challenge XP.