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    Why is Pokemon so popular?

    When Red and Green/Blue first came out, they didn't exactly have a lot going for them. Game Freak wasn't exactly a notable developer at the time, the graphics weren't that great for the game boy (have you ever seen any of the old Japanese Red/Green sprites?), the game boy's popularity was...
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    Zombie Apocalypse Time! What Pokemon do you use?

    The zombie apocalypse has arrived. To protect yourself from the unrelenting hordes of undead, you have one Pokemon with you, and cannot gain any others. Major Legendaries, such as Mewtwo, Luiga, Deoxys, Palkia, Zekrom, etc. aren't available, but legendaries such as Moltres, Entei, Regice...
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    New here...

    Hey, I've been using serebii.net for a while to get info on games, stats, moves, etc., but I just joined the forums today. I've always loved Pokemon, ever since I picked up my cousin's copy of Red, so I decided to join. I've read the rules and guidelines, but if I ever mess up, feel free to tell...