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  1. M.Oreo

    the sandshrew crew(ou sand)

    ;248; tyranitar @ lum berry Ability: sandstream EVs:252 att/ spe Nature:jolly - dd - crunch - fire punch - stone miss the old dd tyranitar(hes not dead yet!) one dragon dance and bang. he wrecks some faces. a major threat to this set is gliscor. he can wall every attack tyranitar can throw at...
  2. M.Oreo

    pcsx2 10.0 bios

    where do i need to get bios from? it says they need to be from the disk.
  3. M.Oreo

    Needs more fire (ou sun)

    Ninetales Drought Modest 252 sp att-spe Lefties Fire blast, solar beam, sunny day, will o wisp. Fire blast beats up everything, and solar beam hits stuff resisting it. It's sad that Ninetales does poorly against all other weather, but the next members, take care of weather nicely. I...
  4. M.Oreo


    ;186; politoed wide lens drizzle 252 def, hp bold scald encore focus blast blizzard fires off powerful attacks while being accurate. also has some serious staying power, which it needs with all the ttars running around it also has some suprise value, because do you see this kind of...
  5. M.Oreo


    can someone help me find my secret id? it would be great, because i want to rng shiny flawless. if desired, i can rng a certain pokemon. i only intend to do it by breeding.
  6. M.Oreo

    Who you like to take on first in megaman 3

    My fav is hard man. He is very easy. So, who do you like to take on first?
  7. M.Oreo


    My name is Carlos forester. I have just started and have shinies to trade. (I got the first one purely by luck on wifi) so if interested pm me or reply