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    Bad, Bad Viz

    I'll just leave it here... I'd say something about this but I've already got banned from Bulbagarden for such comments... Sorry for the trollish way to report the news but I'm feeling really lazy today.
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    Pokemon Adventures Volume 12 (Viz)

    Comes in two days, so someone might have it. Not many names this time. There's Gold's Mantine of course, who's probably going to be Manbo. Also, there are Super Nerd William and Camper Phil. What are their Viz names? There's also poor Ryo, whose name Viz can't decide on. He was Al in Vol. 10...
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    Pokemon Special Ruby/Sapphire: My First Wide #1

    The thing released yesterday. Anyone know anything about it? Does it have anything that we haven't seen before (like bonus art, or something)? Or any edits, perhaps?
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    Pokemon BW: Good Partners

    So, yeah, there is a new manga running in Shogaku 3 (one of Netkun magazines, not the same one that runs PokeSpe, though). It's titled "Pokemon BW: Good Partners" (ポケットモンスターB・W グッドパートナーズ), its script is made by Kyouichi Shichigatsu (七月鏡一) and it's illustrated by Chiyo Kenmotsu (険持ちよ). The...
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    Pokemon Special Vol. 38

    It's out for two days and no one bothered to start a thread. How come?! It's the DP conclusive volume and Platinum opening volume. Someone got it already? Obvious first questions: 1. Tankobon-added stuff (and I'm sure that this volume is full of it, because of DP conclusion) 2. Back cover
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    Pokemon Adventures Volume 11 (Viz)

    I hope I'm not breaking The Mod's order by opening this thread. Opened it 3 days early, as some bookstores are quick to get the books early. So, has anyone got Viz's Volume 11 of Pokemon Adventures yet? In this volume we have two very, very important names. CHERMAINE & KEANE. Those two...
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    Pokemon Adventures Volume 10 (Viz)

    It's still two days before the release of Pokemon Adventures Volume 10. But since some bookstores tend to get the books before the usual release date, I'm already making a thread on this. The thing I care the most about are the names. Here is the list of possible new English names that can be...
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    Pokemon Adventures Volume 9 (Viz)

    It's out today. Nobody's got it yet? I'm expecting Sudbo and Togebo. Amirite?
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    Another Tankobon Announced!

    CoroCoro has recently announced the previously-running manga to be finally Tankobonned. The title of the manga is ポケットモンスタープラチナ めざせ!!バトル王 (Pokemon Platinum - Aim to be Battle King!!) and the manga-ka is Ryuu Matsushima, also the author of never tankobonned Pokemon Ranger SoA manga (not the...
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    New Platinum Manga

    I found it (with my friend Kazuki's help :P) on CoroCoro Special website. It's the second one, with that black-and-green haired guy. It's a new Pokemon manga called "Pokemon Platinum: To Become a Battle King". Its art looks pretty Asada-ish to me (the main hero resembles Hiori a bit). It...
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    Ranger 2: Name Revelations

    Today, Serebii revealed the Team Yamiyami's US Name - Team Dim Sun. The name sucks. But its revelation has surprised me a lot. We also already know the town's names - Chikore Village is officially Chicole Village, Bien Town is Vientown, Pueru Town is Puel Town (or Pueltown, exact spelling...
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    American Movie Clichés

    American Movie Clichés What would the films be without their clichés? Every genre of movie has its own Clichés. There are also some clichés which are a "signature" of a particular director or filming company. Well, I'm collecting all American movie clichés, and I want to make them into one...
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    August Plot Discussion

    Finally, Netkun Site has been updated! Platina arrived to Mio City. We got a return of Hyouta and finally some better shots of him! His Zugaidos has evolved into a Lampard! Platina's Ponyta - We haven't seen it since ages! And it's battling with Tougan's two Dotacuns. What is Melissa doing...
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    Maxim is going to be a father

    This Morning I received a call from my girlfriend. She told me something that made me incredibly scared - She is pregnant. It's pretty possible after what we were doing lately, though. I had a choice: a) To say I don't believe it's my child and make her STFU. b) Use a baseball bat c) Tell...
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    English Names

    Is there any full PBR walkthrough with all ENGLISH names of trainers? I'm really sick of those badly-romanised Japanese names from SPP. Maybe it's the time to update your walkthrough, Joe.
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    Pokemon Levels as of Newest Sagas

    Okay. Serebii.net's Manga Section is long not actualized and Pokemon Levels are outdated. I'm giving you a piece of info and asking for another piece of info. Red's Pokemon Levels are (as of FRLG Saga): Pika - Lv. 88 Nyoro - Lv. 80 Fusshii - Lv. 82 Gon - Lv. 89 Gyara - Lv. 84 Pte - Lv...
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    English Trainer Names

    Isn't it the time to update Serebii.net's PBR Colosseum Walkthrough Section with English Trainer Names? Those inaccurate romanisations of Japanese names make all my bodyparts hurt. Additionally, what do you think about the Trainer Names? For me, they're too normal. Their Japanese names were...
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    2 New Titles! Exclusive and TOTALLY PWNAGE!

    I'm pleased to exclusively reveal 2 new DP Anime Titles. I'm not sure about first one. I read only Shin'ou. But I'm sure about 2nd one. I clearly read "Emperor Quartet's Goyou and Dohtacun". Quartet's member so early in anime? That's so amazing. I see a chance for seeing other members in...
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    Volume 25

    Volume 25 was released today. Who's on the back cover?
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    Name prediction

    Predict whatever wasn't leaked yet. Moves, people, items, whatever. I can say what I think E4's names will be like Ryou = Enzo Kikuno = Atara Ooba = Blaise Goyou = Espen I'm sooo sure about them. I feel I just leaked their official dub names.