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    The Pokémon Royal Rumble XII

    The Pokémon Royal Rumble XII The Pokémon Royal Rumble II Table of Contents (1.0) 1.0 Table of Contents 2.0 Introduction 3.0 History 3.1 The Winners Archives 4.0 Objective & How To Play 4.1 The Ultimate Rumble 5.0 Rules 5.1 Punishment System 5.2 The Banned List 6.0 General Rumbling...
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    What song comes to Mind, from the above user

    This is a game where you post what song comes to mind from the username, user title, sig, avy, etc. e.g. me: first post User 1 named SentryMissle:Check Yes Juliet We the kings me: Byob System of a Down So have fun and start to post
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    The Pokemon Civilazation Challenge v2!

    This was made by surfertreecko Owner/Maker:Surfertreecko Co-Owner:mitchlord Well, because the previous thread died, I decided to make one of those reality games that people worship. Hopefully, this won't die! The Rules: 15 Contestants will be placed inside a small area of land...
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    Mitchlord's mixes,edits etc

    So here are my sprites please rate them in order left to right Human color shiftry, Lucian edit, Toterior and Full Moon Forme Lunatone (I know this one sucks)
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    That's too dangerous!

    Ok welcome to That's too Dangerous! So what this basicly is some one posts something eg. "Say Hi to someone" Then you take the above post and make it dangerous eg."No Thats too Dangerous you could distract him and get him ran over!" That's what this game basicly is! Rules 1.Follow...
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    Banned for guns?

    So the Legend of Dratini was banned for guns right? so in Here comes the Squirtle Squad Team rocket stole from a shop with guns and at least 5 guns were Pointed at ash so why was it banned again?Edit:rank change ^_^
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    All my recent stuff

    this is all my recent work there is more to come
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    my mixes

    ill post all my mixes her :P the one in my sig and this tentacool are my dark world set still making more
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    Mitch’s Pokemon adventure

    Mitch’s Pokemon adventure Rated BS beginner’s story Chapter 1: the new adventure Well every story has a hero in this one its Mitch Masasi he is from New Lair town in the Mira region. He wakes up one day and he says ‘It’s finally my 12th birthday. I’m finally getting a pokemon I’d...
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    am i ready for kyroge

    i have a typhlosion lv37 zapdos lv45 and pikachu lv 35
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    my first mix

    how is it
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    Team RedBashers rescue force

    ill do anything that is before sky tower
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    i have a question

    after they save u how do you know that u r saved
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    well hello