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    Would You Eat That? V.3.

    Sure Canned sardines in olive oil
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    Would You Eat That? V.3.

    Sure Canned sardines
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    Rate the pokemon move above

    7/10 An OK Dragon type move Baddy Bad
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    Is RNG manipulation a fair way to play games?

    Unlike using external devices or abusing glitches both of which involve using advantages you were not supposed to have, RNG manipulation involves playing by the game rules. Except you use patterns or find some way to deliberately cause the RNG to do certain effects that a casual player would not...
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    What is your opinion on the wireless adapter for the GBA?

    It actually only supported a limited amount of games (including Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, which had one bundled). However, it was an early attempt at wireless technology before the DS. Only drawbacks aside from the limited support is that if your friend didn't have one too, yours was...
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    Rate the pokemon move above

    2/10 Useless without an item. And the item could be put to better use. Though maybe the move could be useful in some battles. Constrict
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    Why hasn't the Master Ball completely replaced all balls?

    Back in the original games, it is plainly stated that Silph cancelled production due to Team Rocket with insinuation that the one given to the player is the only one that exists. However, Gen 2 retcons this by having not only the player get a Master Ball from Elm (retconning the one the player...
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    Who's That Pokémon? (Nicknames) One-Hour Cooldown

    Vanniluxe Hiker
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    Rate the pokemon move above

    2.5/10 (Gen 1-3) weaker version of Surf. 9/10 (Gen 4-onwards) Excellent Physical Water move. Fire Spin
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    What are some remakes you find more nostalgic than the originals and why?

    For instance, I find Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen more nostalgic than the original Gen 1 games due to growing up with FRLG without knowing it was a remake and only getting to know the Gen 1 games way later.
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    Rate the pokemon move above

    7.5 powerful but lowers attack. Mega Kick
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    Rate the pokemon move above

    5.5/10 Better water type moves exist Dragon Pulse
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    Which did Kanto's OST best?

    Gen 1 has been remade twice. While the gameplay has been discussed a lot, which did the music and OST the best? While objectivly the orchestra of LGPE would be considered superior to the Gameboy sound, which do you actually like best? And for what reasons?
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    Which kind of OST do you prefer in video games?

    While orchestra is arguably superior, some people may still prefer the chiptunes. If there are any others I don't know, there is a third choice.
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    What is your opinion on the OST compared to that in Gen 1 and FRLG?

    What are some tunes you like in LGPE better than in Gen 1 or FRLG? Which do you prefer in one of the other two older games? How would you compare the OST in LGPE compared to that in Gen 1 and FRLG?
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    Would you want to be the Pokémon above?

    Not personally my cup of tea Zapdos
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    What was it like playing Pokémon Red and Green when they first can out in early 1996?

    What did other people think of you playing them? Did you ever imagine the franchise would be as big as it is 26 years later today?
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    Why exactly does Giovanni decide to disband Team Rocket after losing in the Viridian Gym battle against the player?

    Pokémon Origins kind of does that, even if it completely changed his reason and may feel a bit contrived itself. Still his reasons make more sense than in the games.
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    Why was the name of the fifth generation region changed in translation?

    Every other region has the same name in Japanese and English. Why was Isshu changed to Unova in translation?