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    Luxray's Fusions V.3

    Luxray's Fusions V.3 Welcome to Luxray's Fusions an energetic and lively Fan Art Shop, run by me, Luxraymaster. Some of the older members here might remember my previous shops which I had to close due to studies and not having the time. However, now I have time, I'm back and ready to help...
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    Manchester Utd vs Crawley Town

    Who do you reckon will win? Personally I think United, well because I suppourt them ;) Update: 1-0 Manchester Utd - Wes Brown Half Time 4 Minutes Added Time 1-0 Final Result
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    Luxray's Fusions

    This is Luxray's Fusion, Egg, Invert and Revamping Shop. Sorry for closing the shop before but it's now reopen again! ;D ;405; Thankyou and request away! ;405; Currently Looking for 3 workers, PM me if your interested. :) Luxraymaster's In Progress List: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Your favourite Holiday/Celebration

    So for St.Patricks daytoday (17th March) I wondered what your favourite Holiday/Celebration is? And Why for myself I prefer Christmas because I get to see my family which I hardly ever see and also because of the presents.
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    Team Caribbean Blues

    Welcome to the Carribean Blues! Our Banner: So Let me tell you a little bit about the Carribean Blues: The tide gently laps upon the golden sands of the Carribean. Water pokemon play in shallow waters whilst the grass types decide to stay on the beach. Small caves are quite common...
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    HeartGold and SoulSilver Shiny Sprites

    I found the Sprites off Bulbapedia then I used the old Sprites too recolour the new ones as shinys so what do you think to them please rate out of 10 and leave comments!
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    Ash and Dawns Poke's Doodles

    I did this for my brother intentionally so I know it's not that good. Probably Chimchars the worst and Ambipom is quite good :-). But I didn't dare draw a background cuz i knew I'd mess it up what do you think to it?
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    Britaons got Talent!

    Britains got Talent! Who do you think will win britains got talent? I mean its the last showing of the auditions on the 23/5/09. So far i think it's between: 1.Susan Boyle 2.Shaheen Jafargholi 3.DJ Talent 4.Stavros Flatly and 5.Gregg Pritchard Natalie Okri might make it but I don't...
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    100 Wii Points

    Where do you get them i tried everywhere in my town but i cant think of anywhere in the uk can you help cuz i need 200 wii points for the internet channel yet i cant afford 2000.
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    Luxray's Fusions!

    This is Luxray's Fusion, Egg, Invert and Revamping Shop I'm OK at these but not amazing. Here are some Eggs: Here are some Revamps and Inverts: Devamps: HG/SS PokePoses: Ranger PokePoses: Primal Pokemon: Shadow Pokemon: Holemon: Lineless...
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    Longest Egg You've ever Hatched

    Hey there I was talking to my friend the other day and we were arguing about which is the longest egg to hatch on DP he said a Munchlax were as I thought it was Eevee what do you guys think or does anyone actually know what it is? ;egg; __________ Lux ;405;
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    Rate my team

    trying to get a decent team like my other team Dragonite Lv.55 Male Naive Nature Aqua Tail Twister Dragon Dance Dragon Rush Sceptile Lv.48 Male Docile Nature Absorb Quick attack Leaf Blade Agility Flygon Lv.54 Male Calm Nature Super Sonic Dragonbreath Strength...
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    Help with getting Johto Starters

    Help with getting Johto Starters Everybody knows to get johto starters complete the hoeen dex but do you need to capture the legendarys as well like like Latios and Latias Rayquaza,Groudon and Kyogre The 3 Regis and Jirachi and Deoxys? Please tell me i wud luv 2 know...