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    New 3DS Titles - General Discussion

    This thread is to discuss any of the new 3DS games announced at this year's E3. Is it one of the big name games? Talk about it. Is it a small-time title in comparison to some of the others? This is still your place. Go ahead and discuss!
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    Club Nintendo (NA) Leaked Online

    On-and-off today, Club Nintendo has been accessible on NoA's website. I was lucky enough to have a good look around the Club one of the times it was up before it went down again. So, here is the information I have for you: • This is the home page: • Wii games = 50 Coins Nintendo DS games...
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    What does the "Switch Editor Mode" button do?

    So basically, my question is the same as this thread's title. What does the "Switch Editor Mode" button on the Advanced Reply screen do? It is in the upper-left corner.
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    Battle Deoxys911!

    Now is your chance to battle Deoxys911 and easily wipe the floor with him! Hurry now, as I'm sure it will take quite a while for someone to except this invitation! No rules, only condition is Sunday through Saturday, between 6:00PM(EST) and 10:00PM(EST). For those of you who aren't very...
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    Signature Problem

    A couple of days ago the picture in my sig started being blurry. It used to be very clear. Has anyone else had this happen? Also, can you please tell me how to fix it?
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    New Japanese Pack

    I'm not really into Pokemon cards anymore, but this pack looks pretty cool. See promo picture for it: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/card/index.html Feel free to comment on your feelings about this new pack.
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    Easiest Game Ever?

    Is Pokemon Ranger the easiest game ever, or is it just me? I beat this game faster than any other Pokemon game I've played. Even faster than Dash! So, is it that easy for everyone else?
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    Pika Tube?

    I found this, um, interesting official website. What they did to You Tube is scary. http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pikatube/index.html