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    I'm Back.

    Hi guys, i used to post but then i kinda fell out off love with pokemon. My last post was around 8 months ago. I still checked around from time to time However i now feel pokemon isn't something i can give up on so i decided to come back. I wasn't the most well know person but does anyone...
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    Abrar's Trading Thread v.2.0

    wanted to start my shop again :3 so here is V.2.0 hi im abrar14 but you can call me abrar. this is my trading thread. hopefully you'll find whatever your looking for here.i have a few rules[/COLOR] -all forum and section rules apply -DO NOT TRADE ME HACKS -clones and rng is ok -no, i dont want...
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    Favorite & least favourite Pokemon of the 5th Gen?

    So, a lot of controversy around Gen 5 and it's pokemon. Personally, I loved the way they looked. But I want to hear what Serebii Forums has to say. So, what was your favorite pokemon(s) of Gen 5? Also, what are your least favourites? Feel free to respond to other posts & discuss/promote your...
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    Most Dissapointing Pokemon You Have Used From The 5th Generation

    Did you use a Pokémon from the fifth generation that you expected to be good, but were let down by it? Well tell us who it is!
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    Things you miss about old school gaming

    Title is pretty self explanotary. 1 off the main things for me is the difficulty. I remember going through mario for the first time as a kid. It was hard but worth every second. Nowadays games seem to be a lot easier So discuss:)
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    Photoshop Tennis

    Photoshop Tennis is a very fun game if it is kept appropriate! Photoshop tennis is game where one person provides an image, and the next person edits the image, and so on and so forth, until it is finished. The person editing the image can add whatever they want, as long as it follows the...
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    What do you want in the next gen consoles?

    mine are -All Games to be able to bePurchased Digitally -Improved Graphics & Framerate -No Motion Controls -No Motion Controls -Cross Platform Play -Better Build Quality
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    Looking for someone to make a clan with

    Hi im not a newbie but i thought this would be the right place to post. I am looking for someone to make a clan with. That person would have to have been in a couple of clans before.
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    The Unova Zodiac

    In Unova there is a TV program focusing on Personality & Horoscopes. Trainers in Unova have a Pokemon sign based on their birth month. This is the chart: January - Sawsbuck (Capricorn) Season: Spring Lucky Item: White Flute February - Simipour (Aquarius) Season: Summer Lucky Item: Mail...
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    [gen 5 dw ubers] The Power Behind Uber stall

    I was wondering whether I could build a successful stall team for this new Uber metagame. Reshiram and Zekrom are both top threats and incredibly hard to deal with. What’s more troublesome, Arceus can now reach his fullest potential. To make matters worse, Arceus can be made into any type and...
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    Pokemon Yellow ''Starters"

    okay, so we all know that you can't beat Brock with Pikachu, you have to catch others and raise them up to beat him. I'm just curious as to which one(s) you guys used to beat brock. I caught a Nidoran, raised him up, evolved him, and now i use my Nidoking more than Pikachu. anybody do anything...
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    FireRed and LeafGreen, satisfactory?

    FireRed and LeafGreen left a lot of mixed reviews from players. For those who cherished the original Red, Blue, and Green probably felt that playing through FRLG was like reliving their golden days when they first got into the gaming franchise, but this time with a whole better visualization. At...
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    ♥~!The Cute Pokemon Club!~♥

    Hello, and welcome to... The Cute Pokemon Fanclub! Pokemon of the week: Pachirisu! If you love any or all of the cute Pokemon in the Pokeworld then this is the place for you! These Pokemon may not always be the strongest or the most useful, but they sure do manage to make you...
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    How honest are you, honestly

    how honest are you? (this is my first thread in misc)
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    the no-evolvers fan club

    Dear Pokemon friends, welcome ! This group thread is talking about non-evolutive Pokemon ! (as you can notice ) All serebii rules and clubd Rules applied 2-Do not say "Our group is better than that group" it will cause you BAN from the group. 3-If you really like this group then you have to...
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    Deus ex:human revolution

    A lot of reviewers are calling this game, like its original ancestor, a masterpiece in creative game design with, comparatively speaking, only a few minor issues. The almost flawless execution with which this game apparently pulls off its lofty design philosophy is said to be one of the most...
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    A new professor in town-kanto adventures

    The story so far: Professor Maple is a bright young woman from Celadon City. Following her academic success and a grant from the Silph Company, Maple was able to achieve her dream of becoming a pokémon professor at a very young age. She initially conducted her experiments in her home town of...
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    ace trainers accosiation

    Ace Trainers Association Banner Clan Intro We are the Ace Trainers Association! We intend to gather the best trainers that has to offer! All of our trainers will be experienced in battling, and ready to take on any challenge that comes our way! If you are new to you have come to...
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    rate and help my 5th gen ou team

    Hello there. As the title suggests, i could use some help with this team I have. I can't say i am good at competitive battling yet, so i am bound to have made a lot of mistakes building this one: Rotom W @ Choice Scarf Timid | Levitate Ev's: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe Moves: Volt Switch Hydro pump...
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    this or that:pokemon

    So, I just wanted to make a thread like this. Rules are simple, first one asks "this" or "that" and next person answers and asks next one. Also tell us why you chose that one if you just can. 1 strike-1 day ban 2 strikes-2 day ban 3-strikes-perma ban STRIKES -Drdj11, 1 strike...