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    2 new titles DP 131 and DP 132

    two new titles have appeared on pokeani. but unfortunatly on google translator they appear to me " unknown subtitles " so i looked on the japanese version and it said on the dates for the episodes nothing except a line like this ----- can something find these names and i will update this 1st...
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    i know serebii has been doing a lot of things to help the site like stopping the lag, new dungeon pages and updating with news. But what ever happened to that project that he was working on. Serebii said it should be up before Easter and that's a while ago. i'm not pressuring for Serebii to...
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    How will this new game change the anime?

    Pokemon heart gold and pokemon soul silver have been confirmed. so, how will these new games be expressed in the anime of course it'd be obvious to say they'll be going to johto fot the battle frontier anyway speculate johto and these new games in the anime. :)
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    wii controller help

    can somebody please help me my wii controller won't work with my wii console i havn't played wii for a few months but it should work yes ive tried changing the batteries and re synching nothing works the blue lights won't even go off when i turn it on PLEASE HELP! ( and mods if this is in...
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    Pure Flying Type?

    Why? Why isn't there a pure flying type ( not including arceus and the flying plate). Why is the flying type overshadowed by over types and always being a secondary type? Especially in the cases of the regional birds ( pidgeot, noctowl, swellow and staraptor) Discuss.
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    The Platinum Anime Season

    Due to the 2 eposides that aired today ( darkrai vs cresselia andd yokan and rotom ) i think weve officially started the platinum season on the anime due to the darkrai promotion and the new sets of rotoms discuss how platinum will change the anime and that the season will end just before...
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    Emerald Australia

    i just want to ask do they still sell emerald in australia like at target or kmart im planning on gtting for christmas.
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    Pokemon names you've pronounced wrong

    Discuss all the pokemon names like the ones you've prounced wrong and hate. i've pronouced so many wrong its not funny
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    The Official Afl thread

    i was gonna wait till the 2009 season but i love afl i go for FREO. discuss afl in general and the dockers will rise 2009
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    I just watched the bells are singing poke ep on youtube and i realised that mime jnr nos mimic so does that mean it'll evolve soon. If it does i personally think ill miss lil mime jnr. ;manene;;manene; But james should catch another pokemon don't no what but i'm hoping for some one like...
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    Dawn with 5th gen pokemon

    If think dawn will get a 5th gen pokemon if you say no think about this. Misty and May both had a next gen normal type type did you think she'll get one aswell.
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    Why was Conwa is mysterious to Ash?

    In the last episode of the tag battles Conway smirks and tells ash to go to Veilstone to getta badge. He's so mysterious is he like a shadowy master. I don't what do you guys think?