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    Phase Two: Hyper Offense

    Phase Two: Hyper Offense Introduction Hey guys. If I had to pick a play style that I hated with a passion, it would have to be Hyper Offense. Every since i started playing this stupid game in gen4, hyper offense was a style that I found very hard to play and master. The transition to b/w...
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    L i g h t.

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    War: Dracaena vs Magnet Risers

    VS Dracaena Roster Jets Makaveli TheMaster Cometk Blue Harvest Subs Mazz Stone_Cold Izanagay Blaaz Magnet Risers Roster Aenea Albyness Rockstar19958 Trickster Rairyran Subs TBA Match-Ups Cometk vs Albyness Blue Harvest vs Aenea TheMaster vs Rairyran Jets vs Trickster Stone_Cold vs...
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    Phase One: Rain

    Phase One: Rain Introduction This is my first RMT. Ever. I have decided to make an RMT for my most successful team that I have ever built in my wonderous career playing this addicting game. I have fallen in-love with dragons at the time I made this team so I decided to make a...
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    Hail Will Rule The World

    Out of all of the possible weather choices, hail is frowned upon. Apparently it was so underused that even Gamefreak decided not to make a new hail inducer =.=. Personally I love hail and how versatile it is. So discuss away :]
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    War: Bug Battalion Vs The Battling Academy

    VS Rules 5th gen OU 5 on 5 war All battles to be done on WiFi or PO (6 on 6 lvl 100) Wonder Launcher must be OFF for WiFi battles Smogon Tiers and Bans First clan to 3 wins, wins the war Bug Battalion Jets d0nut Sylvar mycooly TheGreekTerror subs makaveli...
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    War: Bug Battalion Vs Sheer Force Resurgence

    VS. Rules5th gen OU 3 on 3 war All battles will be 6 on 6 lvl 100 standard rules Smogon Tiers and Bans Battles to be done on PO on WiFi (wonder launcher may not be used in WiFi battles) First clan to 2 wins, wins the war Bug Battlion d0nut makaveli Jets Sheer...
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    Rated R

    ~News~ Rulez WE SAY NO TO RULEZ-sppf standard rules Divisions You can join one of two different divisions, Elite Association and X-Generation. These divisions aren’t meant to separate the clan. They are made to teach teamwork. A vital skill. Divisions’s ARE allowed to TRADE members...
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    New Era

    In with the new, out with the old~ Member of the Week News Rules -All sppf rules apply -Respect your leaders -Take responsibility for your actions -No spamming -NO trolling -Stay active -Have Fun...
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    i need an expert banner maker asap!!

    im making a new clan, and i need a banner. i want it done with this picture http://s691.photobucket.com/albums/vv273/Aab07/?action=view&current=dialga-vs-arceus-vs-palkia-1c88d4.png&newest=1