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    The Fan Art Open Request Thread! V2! (PLEASE READ THE FIRST PAGE CAREFULLY!)

    Welcome to The Fan Art Open Request Thread! Before requesting here, please remember to check in other "shops" on the fan art forum. In case you're new to SPPF, this is the whole fan art request forum. People set up threads for you to post in with things for them to do! If you have a request...
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    The Fan Art Open Request Thread! (Please read the first page CAREFULLY!)

    This thread is simply for people who want things done for them in large quantities or who want things done as fast as possible from anyone. In this thread, anyone can post to request, and anyone can answer that request. All right, HERE WE GO! Although this has been talked about before (by...
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    The Battle Frontier, Beginning Trainer Help Thread

    This goes to every single beginning trainer who wants to be successful in the Battle Frontier. This brief guide is really the work of a lot of other trainers who came before me. I just brought it together. Before we get to the bulk of this guide, I would strongly advise that you look at...