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  1. Road

    .// Road's Trading Bureau

    MY SHOP IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. If you had a trade setup with me before the new year, please VM (NOT PM) me to let me know you are still interested. Thank you for understanding. truevillany -- Shiny 6IV Darumaka -> 5IV Eevee (NN) [6TH] Monkeyfuzz -- Shiny Tapu Koko, Kanto Hat Pika...
  2. Road

    .// Road's Trading Bureau (ORAS ver.)

    .// Road's Trading Bureau (ORAS ver.) [Now featuring Volcanion] Road's Trading Bureau ORAS ver. I am no longer maintaining this thread. Please see my 7th Gen shop for a more accurate list! Due to constantly hitting the character limit in posts, my Offerings and Services are now in several...
  3. Road

    Immolation roadmart

    RoadMart Request Shack Current Status: ATARI OPEN || ROAD BUSY GIVE CREDIT OR WE WILL FIND YOU AND EAT YOUR CHILDREN. RULES 1.) All SPPf rules and Art Request Rules apply. 2.) Use the forms provided. If you fail to do so, your request will be ignored. 3.) No posting anything besides...
  4. Road

    .// Road's Trading Bureau

    To Everyone, November 24, 2014 I have briefly returned to Serebii to make it clear that this thread is dead. I have not been active in the community since my last post in this thread. I do not even own a 3DS, much less any games in the new generation. However, with the release of ORAS, I am...
  5. Road

    Cartoon Bishie Thread v.4.5

    ~*Cartoon Bishie Thread (Version 4.0)*~ THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE RESTART. ANYONE WHO CLAIMED ANY CHARACTERS IN THE LAST THREAD WILL STILL HAVE THEIR BISHIES. Helpers: PurpleMew (Please note that helpers don't get strikes, so don't yell at me if PurpleMew doesn't get in trouble. :3)...