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    Arceus end all

    Did the "god" pokemon arceus end it for battling. If it did not then could we expect a pokemon with higher base stats in the 5th GEN? Then if that happens what would it be like? what could be stronger if they have made the "strongest" Space Time Creation what is left? your ideas...
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    What is tougher Single battles or Doubles?

    Your thoughts and votes here.
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    your crazy sweeps in dppt

    tell your stories of how you pulled of your strangest sweeps. i swept with a patchirisu but ehh i bet there are better.
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    creative yet useful move sets

    what are some of you fovorite or unique pokemon move sets that are also useful. blastios with icy wind, toxic, protect and aqua ring i found to be vary useful.
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    why isn't wailord the heaviest?

    you would think wailord being 47"07ft would be the heaviest. snorlax is smaller and is probably a blubber bag like wailord yet i weighs more then twice as much. wailord only weighs 877.4 my question is WHY???? o_0