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    Hopefully this works...

    Well I'm usally not that good with teams but I did a TINY bit of research and made(Which I do use) but I want to know someone else's opinion so... Garchomp (Honsety) Female lv 100 Adamant nature Hates to lose Ability: Sand Veil IV's unknown (Decent,Fanstatic Sp.Def) EV's unknown moves...
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    Team retry

    This team is in training still, but there is: Grovyle lv 21 brave nature offen dozes off hp 58 attack 39 defense 23 sp.atk 45 sp. def 34 speed 45 current moves pound quick attack pursuit absorb planned moveset swords dance leaf blade brick break rock slide Rufflet lv30...
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    please rate my battle train shiny team called Stargazer Wish

    This is my shiny pokemon battle train team Stargazer Wish. Charizard lv 70 jolly nature Shiny moves: shadow claw flare blitz fly dragon claw Absol lv 83 Quirky nature Shiny moves: ice beam thunder bolt Aerial ace night slash Dragonite lv 59 lonely nature Shiny moves: ice...
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    Please rate my Pokemon black team called AquaKnights (main team)

    Well heres my team Aquaknights. I use this team for the Elite 4, gathering money and so on they are: Neptune (Samurott) bold nature level 100 moves: surf ice beam waterfall megahorn Swordknife (Excadrill)Adamant nature level 71 moves: brick break earthquake shadow claw metal...