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    Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is the newest installment in the classic Marvel vs Capcom crossover series. The game is 2 vs 2 fighter, like the original and its direct sequel. The current confirmed roster is Marvel: Black Panther (DLC), Captain America, Captain Marvel (Newcomer), Doctor Strange...
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    Costumes Character that should be in Super Mario Maker.

    The purpose of this thread is to list characters that we think should be a costume in Super Mario Maker for when you play the classic 8-bit mode. I am going to list the game series, and the characters that I want. There is good chance that they would not add anymore non Amiibo characters as...
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    Aerial Elements vs Primus et Ultimus

    Aerial Elements vs Primus et Ultimus Rules No trolling No spamming this thread. Please respect the other clan. Each war team will have 5 members and their's subs. OU Tier 6 vs 6 Battles. Aerial Elements’ Rooster BaronSilver65 HydroSwampert Bekidding Darkness_Master piflare564 Subs Aquablast...
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    The Comprehensive New Year's Thread: 2011-2012

    I am stay up on New Years Eve to watch the fireworks then celebrating my birthday which is legit New Years.
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    DS or PO

    I like both but I use PO due to no Wifi at my house. I also find PO easier to be more compective than standard DS.
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    Water Knight

    Welcome to Water Knight Clan! [Banner will be added soon] We Knights train with Water Pokemon and defend all of those who are weak. Without Water human non Pokemon would be here, we owe water for all it did for us. Tables of Content 1. Rules 2. What happen to rules breakers? 3. Registering 4...
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    Sunday - First Day of the Week and a Weekend?

    Well don't you think it is a bit weird Sunday is the first day of the week but it is consider the weekend.
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    Knight's League

    Welcome to the Knight's League. [Banner to be made later] Knight's League was formed back a couple hundred years. The Knights was the creators of competitive battling but then all of those new people stole the idea and called it their. Anyways nobody thought the Knight would raise until now...
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    Aqua's Sprites

    I know I made more than this but I am just going to post them. I hope you guys like them. ;)
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    Aquablast's Shop (Sprites, Banners, and other stuff!)

    Aquablast's Shop (Sprites) Welcome to ye old Aquablast’s Shop, you can order a few things here. Form Recolor Pokemon Base: Pokemon Color: Fusion Pokemon Base: Other Pokemon: Trainer Trainer Base: Pokemon: Hopefully you have a nice day at this shop and come back soon.
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explore of Sky RP

    Welcome to the Roleplay which involves Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Starting Pokemon & Partners Turtwig Chimchar Piplup Vulpix Riola Bulbsaur Charmander Squirtle Eevee Phanpy Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile Shinx Pikachu Treecko Torchic Mudkip Skitty Munchlax Meowth Snivy...
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    Idea for Spriting School

    I got this idea from here: http://victoryroad.net/showthread.php?t=7401. May somebody could make this happen but not me since I can't do Recolors. etc.
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    Judge these sprites

    They ain't mine but my friends. My friend is going to help me sprite so I want to know if you like these. I think they're super good.
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    Journey of Sinnoh

    Sign up on the other thread with rules: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=510518.
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    Journey of Sinnoh!

    Hello, this is my first roleplay so hope it is good. This a journey of the Sinnoh region. You may be a crimial or cop or anything but gym leader or professor or any big Sinnoh roles. Everybody must have different Pokemon but this is allow below. Pikachu and other with a baby form...
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    My site, help!

    http://pokemonisland.yolasite.com/ Need ideas for site help me.
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    Aquablast's Sprite Shop

    Red Blue Green Sharpness + 20 Grayscale Sepia Negative Saturation Hue Gamma Brightness Contrast Sihoutte Any color You can select a Pokemon and I can do it Random so it can be anything like these. Highlight (Can do any color but this one was in some kind of Blue.)...
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    I'm Aquablast Hotblast64 on most sites. I will be starting a sprite shop here.