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    revamps (and stuff)

    Yeah, well, I decided to try spriting, since it seemed pretty interesting. So, I started off with some revamps. Yellow Revamps Gold/Silver Revamps Recolors
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    Deadly Renewal

    Well, making my first stab at a real fic here. Comments, Criticism, and brutally tearing my fic apart are all welcome. Just make sure you do that last one politely. I also know it's short, but that's only because it's the prologue. Just a sidenote, I'm not using any in-game names for characters...
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    Trainer Card Level

    My highest level ever reached, in my sapphire, was a silver rank.
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    What would you change about the region?

    What would you change about Hoenn to improve it in general? I think I would definitely take out some water routes, the game had way too much surfing involved.
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    This or Stadium 2?

    Which game do you think was better, stadium one or two? I personally liked two better, because I loved battlingin the trainer's school.
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    Worth Getting?

    Just like the label says, is this game worth getting? I'm debating whether or not to buy it next time I hit gamestop, and I wanted some opinions on the matter.
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    I am a goomba (one-shot)

    This is my first fic of any kind, and I would really appreciate any constructive criticism or comments you may have to offer. Rated PG for blood and violence. I am a Goomba Where am I? My eyes crack open for the first time, and I slowly survey my surroundings. It is dark...
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    Is it worth getting? I was wondering if it was a fun game or not.
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    What did you evolve your eevee into in XD?

    Evee Evolution In XD, what did you evolve your evee into? I evolved mine into a Flareon. Over and out,;198;
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    Solid dark type

    I want to know your opinions. What is the best dark pokemon to go with a Hairyama and Gardevoir? Plase don't critizise my choices, I just want an opinion of a reliable dark pokemon. Over and out,;198;
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    Yeah, I'm new here. I came mainly because I wanted to go somewhere that didn't have people always making fun of pokemon, so here I am.