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    The Art Showcase~

    Ladies and Gentlemen... Welcome to Torosiken's art showcase~ ;255; ;172; Wow, I feel like never visit this place for decades... xD and looks like SPPf changed so muuuch~ Some of you might remember me, some of you might not :P I'm not active around SPPf much now. I guess I want to share some...
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    Dropdown.. help?

    Can anyone help me with dropdown code? But the dropdown when you hover, it will drop automaticly. Thanks in advance :)~
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    Pikaboy & Pichuboy at the Pokemon School Series

    Torosiken presents... ;025;;172; Pikaboy & Pichuboy at the Pokemon School Series The introduce... Spiky Eared Pichu and Pikachu Colored Pichu --characters-- ;025; Pikaboy Pichuboy's twin brother. He is smart and somehow lol. ;172; Pichuboy Pikaboy's twin brother. But he...
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    Kecleon Shop Inside Dungeon

    Have you requit it? It's really hard. I beat it once but not requit it. It call his other friends and I lose with them. O yea i got this info. it's level 43 *coz I throw a doom seed at him* (in md2) in md1 I still dunno @_@
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    Magic Ambipom - Pokemon Vers. for Magic Monkey!

    Magic Ambipom - Pokemon Vers. of Magic Monkey! *shot copying magic monkey* er.. er hem....!!! Hiii guys this is Toro with her new comic (sprite) (but sometimes mixed? *shot*) but I still draw for F.A of coz....! Nah... Toro presents... Magic Ambipom!!! (Pokemon version for Songoku, lol.)...
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    PMD : Bad Dreams... (Rated PG-13)

    Okay here goes my other fanfic and I think I going to erase the other one. Sorry if my grammar's bad... :( yea.. I am really bad in it... But.. here it is... Torosiken presents... ;255; ;300; It is a story of a skitty and a torchic... and a dark future awaits in front of them... Bad...
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    Achamo~Torchic (2nd thread)

    Since the old thread gone... uh I dunno gone to where XD Can I restart it? Okay, THIS IS MY SITE :) AND NOW CHANGE TO NEW HOST!!! :D:D:D:D (oops caps) http://achamo-torchic.brokenwishes.net Dunno other to say... XDD ;255; Oh yea~ btw I interviewed Serebii =D (real serebii joe!! no...
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    Another interview with Serebii Joe?

    Hey all~ check this out! http://achamo-torchic.brokenwishes.net/interview/serebii.php This interview is by Achamo~Torchic or Acchan on Achamo~Torchic site (yah.. thats me.. XD) thats also means : I JUST INTERVIEWED SEREBII A WHILE AGO :D:D:D this is the real serebii yeah ...
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    Install Forums on Site?

    Sorry if this is a wrong section. 1st of all, I changed host for my site :) A~T look in sig ^.^ and I decide to install a forum, but I confused what I must fill in mysql database. Can someone help me?
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    Starter, guys?

    ;001;;004;;007; ;152;;155;;158; ;252;;255;;258; ;387;;390;;393; all you guys know the starters are in fire type water type and grass type. What type you choose..? Fire for me! ;255;
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    Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD)

    Some people maybe get this sickness (sorry my bad grammar) They say this Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) show same reactions with drugs are you one of 'em..? what you gonna do..? discuss here!
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    Java will sinked!!! (Lol, I not want to change the title XD)

    It said JAVA (Indonesia) but not only Java but the world! All the world maybe can!!! And the biggest why Java is because : 1. "Lumpur Lapindo" 2. a weird gas I mean, here. World is near to ends! Is that true..?? And will Java sinked?!
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    Viridian Story (G)

    Viridian Story Rated G(General) for all ages ^.^ Featuring the story of a wild pikachu ;025; My friends who joined PIF maybe already know this story... This one now added in sppf but with edits. ;025;xxx---Prologue---xxx ;025; .... .... .... *flash of light* This place... is...
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    Pokespe Art!

    I took em with my mobile camera and too lazy to fix em so I not yet flip em XD C&C please ^.^
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    Cyborg Kurochan

    Just wondering how many people like this anime. I like this anime! Really lol. Make me laugh plenty times. To me, my fave chara is Mi. uhm coz I think not so many ppl like this... Shot me if you like this anime.
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    Torosiken's Shop!! V.2 - We are back and better!!

    Welcome to Torosiken’s Shop!! V2!!!!!!!! We are back with better result and works!!! ;385;I will make your wish come true in this shop!! Some new interesting things avaiable here!!;385; Now, The shop is... OPEN!!! If you wish to see the V1 shop, click here. The workers : The workers...
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    Spriter Game

    Approved by (moderator who approve this please edit this field with your username thanks XD if not approved, not change(lol xD, if not approved this will not be here)) Okay, I present : SPRITER GAME The game only for spriter (this is not a contest -_-;) (sorry for who can't spriting :(...
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    When you are new...

    Tell me when you're new at a forum! <-I not care new at this forum or other XD People are sumthin like noob when new to a forum right? How's your 1st time at forum? If me, this is my 1st forum...
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    No$gba question

    Can I get my friend code if I using no$gba? if can, how?
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    Hie guys this is my newest site :D http://achamotorchic.piczo.com its Achamo~Torchic ^^ but still need more edits^^; xD P.S : please join the forums XD