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  1. J

    Pajamas - Super Man does not wear Chuck Norris ones

    Nobody wears their regular everyday clothers to sleep. Some of us prefer to just sleep in our undies or "free style" while most of us wear pajamas. Some of us may remember wearing footsie pajamas at an early age. As we get older, we detach from wearing pajamas to the point were most only wear...
  2. J

    Retro Console Wars

    Everything said about the war against PS3 and Xbox 360 (My Nintendo Fanboyism doesn't allow me to favor either of those) has been said, so now you get to relive the days of almost destroying your cousin's sega genesis after your very heated argument. So.... Gamecube, PS2, or Xbox? N64...
  3. J

    The Snowflake Method and Other Techniques

    I'm currently planning and constructing a fanfic using the snowflake method. The idea is to start with one sentence that summarizes your story and expand in 10 steps expand it into a novel. The steps shift back and forth from developing the plot and character development in order to keep you...
  4. J

    American Nationalism

    So the view of a die-heart American patriot is now a drunk red neck with an American flag over his trailer. This person generally hates drugs, hippies, liberals, and Communism. They view America as the most powerful and the most free. They ignore all the recent violations of the 4th amendment as...
  5. J

    I am Super Cereal!

    Cereal is one of the greatest innovations in food history. Though many eat it for breakfast, due to its perfect, convieniant formula, it makes a perfect snack any time. Cereal comes in oats, corn, marshmellows, pebbles, flakes, o's, chocolate, fruity, honey, flinstones, tucans, and bunnies...
  6. J

    The Best Section on This Site

    There was already one made for the worse section on the site, so let's get positive (but don't make a habbit of it) and make one for the best section.
  7. J

    Life in a Day

    On July 24th 2010, Youtube hosted this event called "Life in a Day." People across the world had 24 hours on July 24th to upload compelling, good videos, and try to be featured in a 90 minute movie which is out today for a special sneek peek, and offically out in theaters July 29th. It has...
  8. J

    Ev's and why I hate them.

    I know that having a way to imrpove specific stats brings more strategy to the game, but isn't regular training tedious enough? Ev's would be fine if the way of getting them was more simple and less time consuming. What do you guys think?
  9. J

    Tracy Morgan: Does He Really Need to Apologize

    As most of us know, comedian Tracy Morgan recently said if his son told him he was gay, he would stab him. While I do think that this is an ignorant statement to make, does he really need to go on an apology tour and do all the other stuff he is doing? Really, all he and any celberity that says...
  10. J

    Nintendo Let's Players

    Hey everybody it's Chuggaaconroy, I mean Jacobii here to talk about Nintend let's players. For me Chuggaaconroy is the only one I really watch on Youtube. My question is: Who are your favorite let's players, what games that they play on are you favorites, and what memorable/funny moments do...
  11. J

    Is the 3rd Gen Old?

    Are we getting to the point that the 3rd gen games are not played that often and are getting to status of Red and blue and gold and silver. Consider this: FR/LG was made 7 years after the release of red and blue, and now they are 7 years old.
  12. J

    We Didn't Start the Fire Scrapbook

    In 1989 as the Cold war conflict between the USA and the USSR, Billey Joel released a song called "We Didn't Start the Fire." The song referenced over 100 issues and historic events during the period of the conflict. (1949 to 1989). The song is easilly one of my top 5 favorites of all time and...
  13. J

    The Random Picture Game

    I will start with a random picture like this one. And the next person will try to find a picture similar to that. Rules 1.) No offensive images 2.) No trolling or flaming Breaking the rules twice results in a one month ban. We'll start with the image I posted above.
  14. J

    The Fan Boy (Rated PG)

    Jacobii Presents: The Fanboy, a comedy rated PG When I first wrote this from what I can tell, people were a bit confused that Greg Sanchez was me. As a writter its great to see that people can beleive this; it lets me know that The Fanboy is a really convincing character, but then it is bad...
  15. J

    Character One Shots

    This an idea I had for a character development exercise. The idea is to create a series of one shots for the main characters of you fan-fics. They are One chaptered fics that are told from the characters point of view. They could either be an event that happens to the specific character before...
  16. J

    R/B pokemon usable?

    I recently broke my Crystal now I'm stuck with a Blue version and a copy of Pokemon Stadium 2. so can pokemon from R/B be useful in Pokemon stadium2?
  17. J

    Good Games that never became popular

    I'm sure we could all name a lot of games we love bet are not on the best sellers list. One of my all time favorite games is NBA street 2. Eventhough the rosters are extremely outdated, I still find myself making epic dunks with Garnett, creating a stud player, and using the make believe...
  18. J

    Your Banned.

    This is not anything like the Your Banned v4 thread. This is far different. There are 30 rules you must follow unless you want to get banned. Rules 1. On the first post, you must introduce yourself properly. Include your name (user name, real name, or nickname), favorite pokemon, and...
  19. J

    The Classic Rock Fan Club.

    This is a club for all fans of classic rock. If Rock of the 50's(somewhat), 60's, 70's or 80's is your thing discuss all your favourite bands here: Styx, The Beatles, Van Halen, The Who, The Electric Light Orchestra, Chuck Barry, Little Richie, Bob Dylan, The Doors, and many more, as long as...
  20. J

    Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

    Ok here is the new OP...nice and simple for easy understanding, so many people have asked for this :p Those silly newbies think they can stop us, this is the game that we unite against them! We will count from 1-60 (or as high as we can get), but if somebody with under 20 posts comes in we must...