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  1. Alfonso

    I think know why Brock never became close friends with Dawn

    This is why I was never that interested in D/P. As well as Pokemon, I enjoy the group dynamic. Like most people, I enjoyed the Ash/Misty/Brock dynamic in Kanto. I also liked Ash/Misty/Tracey, although that's probably more because I like Tracey and have a soft spot for Orange Islands...
  2. Alfonso

    I think know why Brock never became close friends with Dawn

    Right. I've noticed a trend with a large number of threads Cybercubed makes. I'm sure a lot of you would like me to say "He is a massive troll, and constantly baiting people to argue with him!" No, I'm not going to say that. The trend I have noticed is somehow, an arguement always starts...
  3. Alfonso

    Remember Jigglypuff?

    Not really anything to do with spoilers, so I'm moving this to Anime Discussion.
  4. Alfonso

    If you wish to "tell off" Cybercubed, please do it via private messaging. I will not tolerate...

    If you wish to "tell off" Cybercubed, please do it via private messaging. I will not tolerate any more threads being closed because of arguements involving Cybercubed and the anti-Cybercubed crowd. I have noticed that a large number of people seem to think it is "okay" to publically argue with...
  5. Alfonso

    The writers really are trying to "fix" all the mistakes they made with the Johto team

    I'm not really sure the writers really deserve praise or recognition for 'fixing' the mistakes from Johto. They most probably were told by the top brass to push Johto Pokemon in the League, due to the fact that Heart Gold and Soul Silver are the current 'in' games. Pokemon is all about...
  6. Alfonso

    Frontier Brains's Pokemon

    Yeah, I couldn't decide before whether you were trolling or just being stupid. I honestly think you are both. Bumping a thread 5 years old is just... Here's some advice. Either read the rules, or try harder to make yourself less obvious when it comes to trolling. All I feel is mild...
  7. Alfonso

    Concerning Dawn and Brock's send-offs...

    I wish these forums were like 4chan, so I could easily post up a reaction image to represent my face everytime I see a thread be derailed by Misty.
  8. Alfonso

    What does Paul think about the Darkrai Trainer?

    Probably best if we limit all discussion on the Darkrai trainer to the "Legendary Trainer's face revealed" thread. No need to have seperate threads discussing it, especially regarding a matter that is pure speculation.
  9. Alfonso

    Concerning Dawn and Brock's send-offs...

    I'm leaving this thread open for now, just because people will naturally want to discuss Brock and Dawn leaving. That is, regardless of whether or not either of them comes back. However, can we please keep this to Brock and Dawn only? I do not wish this to turn into a discussion on Dawn vs...
  10. Alfonso

    Black and White PokemonSunday Preview

    I swear, if Iris turns out to be another Coordinator...! Another point to make to people saying that Ash gets Pokabu because it seems to be in a gym: Remember at the start of DP, when Paul took on Roark before Ash? Yeah.
  11. Alfonso

    Black and White PokemonSunday Preview

    The trailer aired during Pokemon Sunday - I can confirm this, I was just watching it live. Small children dressed as Pokemon amuses me. There was even a guy cosplaying as Earl from the Earl Pokemon Academy. I sadly only caught the last bit with Mijumaru so I can't really comment on the...
  12. Alfonso

    Will Brock go out with a bang or a whimper?

    Sadly, it seems we'll never get awesome side-character episodes like that again. Brock will go out with a whimper, which will suit him. It'll just be another "Well I'm on my way home" scenario. That said, he could still come back. He wasn't featured in any of the promotional material for D/P...
  13. Alfonso

    new legendary

    If we knew what it was, it would be on the main site already. Stop making threads. Either you are a troll and know exactly what you are doing, or just young. If you are just young and inexperienced, stop making threads until you learn what is acceptable to post. Have you even bothered to...
  14. Alfonso

    semi final

    1) There is already a thread stickied to the top of this forum (Anime Spoilers, just to be clear) entitled 'Next Pokemon'. That thread is where any and all capture speculation goes. 2) There are already countless threads discussing the trainer with Darkrai and the semi-final rounds. Another...
  15. Alfonso

    semi final

    You know what I don't like seeing? People making the exact same thread after I move it to a much more appropiate forum. I also don't like it when I give said thread a chance even though it has a silly premise and will most likely be full of spam or posts with little to not thought in them...
  16. Alfonso

    Where i can find subbed 1s season?

    Asking for episode downloads is against the rules, which I may you should have read after joining the forum. Google is your friend.
  17. Alfonso

    Pokemon RP

    Yeah, Pokemon Anime Discussion is not the place for personal RP. Or any sort of RP for that matter. Not to mention you were double/triple posting there. Please read the forum rules, or at least lurk a bit to gather an understanding of what sort of threads are generally acceptable.
  18. Alfonso

    vs James

    Moved because this isn't really discussing anything to do with what's going on currently in the latest Japanese episodes. It's more of a general thing. I will say though, I can see this thread easily turning into a spam fest. I want to see actual discussion here, or at least reasons why...
  19. Alfonso

    If the Top 4 match isn't skipped, Ash is probably losing the league

    After several years of misleading openings, I will say no. We never saw Ash crying during Master Quest, neither did we see May crying during Battle Frontier. The only thing you can really trust openings on are captures - anything else, including scenes and battles, very rarely happen.
  20. Alfonso


    Calm down guys, obvious troll is obvious. Closing now. If, by some chance this is not a troll, I do worry for the future of the Pokemon fanbase.