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    Have you made it?

    Has anyone ever made it to the top of Mt. Battle in XD (Colosseum doesn't matter, it's too easy in that game) and gotten a Johto starter? Which one? How many times have you made it? Me, I actually never have, still working on that... So how about you?
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    Save a Pokemon V2

    Since Fongerman can't update the first page, and since he dissapeared, I'm remaking this. Rules: Post the list. When starting a new round, don't save anything. Use SPOILER tags!!! Strikes: None Banned: None Eliminated so Far: #493: Mankey #492: Illumise #491: Buneary #490...
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    Your most Cherised 1st Gen Pokemon

    What Pokemon was the most special to you in R/B/or Y? Mine was either my Haunter or Jolteon.
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    PokeCity: The Story of Legends (PG)

    And now what many of the members of PokeCity have been waiting for, the fanfic. This fic is based off a game, called PokeCity, and the adventures were so awesome that they could be made into this. This is my first fic, written in script. Don't worry, the adventure mostly starts later in the...
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    Pokemon Exploration V2

    Hello and welcome all to the magical game: Pokemon Exploration V2! This game was originally made by Shaymin Girl, but she's dissapeared, so I'm remaking it! (Never mind, she's back.) After our hero's story (In PMD2) the other exploration teams grauduated and news ones came. Now only two...
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    Bad Experinces With Pets

    We all probly had a pet that's hurt or scared us. Just today my cat srcachted me bad. My sister tried to pet him, and he was rolling around, and his claw comes up, she pulls back her hand, and I raise my hand and...Scrachted! A long cut with blood on it. Share some of your experinces.
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    What Starter Did You Choose?(PR 2)

    Remember when you were on that beach in PR 2, and you had to choose between Starly, Munchlax, or Pachirisu? Who did you choose? I chose Starly.
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    The Docter Game

    Welcome to the Docter Game! Here's how it works: The first poster says its problem. The second poster post the first poster's perscption. Example: Poster 1: I have blue spots. Poster 2: Rub them off with steel wool! I'm starting to hate my grandmother. Poster 3: Go on a cruise with her. I...
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    Pokemon Ranger 1&2:The Record Books

    This thread is for records of PR 1&2. What kind of records? Capture records! I got the idea from Prof. Hastings. He said, in the Dialga mission, "You captured Dialga in 10 seconds?! That's a new record!" So post your time it took you to catch the pokemon records here! Rules: Time yourself...
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    Spore Creatures

    Discuss Spore. Anything from help,glitches,cool stuff ect. I'll start off. On Pangu, after a few failures of fending of Glob-Lobs, when I threw the banana at the Bulbudee (Or whatever it's called) it wouldn't pick it up! Has this ever happened to you?
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    Was PR2 Too Easy?

    It only took me about 3 weeks to compleat everything including the browser and arena. I really thought it was too easy. Although, I've noiticed I'm much beater than other people with the styulis. How was it for you?
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    What Is Your Favorite Game?

    Out of all of the "other" Pokemon games, which was your favorite? Mine was PMD2 Time. But I've only played 2 out of the 7.
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    Something cool you Saw.

    Post anything cool you seen reacently.Two guys in cars trying to rip two connected phone books apart.
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    What's you're Favorite Guild Member?

    Who's you're favorite member of the Guild?(Does not include the outside reascue teams like Murkrow and Shuppet.)Mine is Corphish.
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    Raters, Rate!

    Hi, this is my team: (In Order) Spiritomb@Leftovers Move 1:Toxic Move 2:Dark Pulse Move 3:Psychic Move 4:Calm Mind Drifblim@Magnet Move 1:Calm Mind Move 2:Thunder Bolt Move 3:Shadow Ball Move 4:Psychic Staraptor@Shell Bell Move 1:Fly Move 2:Roost Move 3:Attract Move...
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    What's Your Favorite Gen. Trio?

    Post what your favorite Gen. trio?All basic rules apply.
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    What Nintendo Charecter should be Mr. Prez?

    Just post what Nintendo charecter you think should be the President.All basic rules apply.
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    What is your Rank in PMD2?

    What your Rank?Mine,just recently,is,yipee,Master Rank!
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    What's you're opinion?

    Is Lucairio a Legendary Pokemon?I think they almost did,because Riolu was made only two months before the Japanese release of Pokemon Dimond and Pearl.But he's not.
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    Does anyone have time to talk?