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    Let's give it another go. (:

    I lost count of digital art threads I've made. :/ Ever since my old PC crashed (the stupid CPU stuffed up because of duststorm), I stopped making banners (and any form of digital art) for a long time. Then comes the part where I received a new laptop with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7...
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    ...let's give it another try, shall we?

    Fan art thread number 3. :/ Here are the two latest one I've done. Both off the 100 theme challenge on dA. Critique and enjoy. No.35--Hold My Hand ...warning, it's a shipping picture, just in case you don't like GrovylexCelebi. *got stoned* I think the border around both of them was a...
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    ZOMG, I fail. ;P

    Okay, this is the last time I'll bash myself about my arts. Next time if that happens again would someone please give me a cyber-slap across the face. Well, here are some banners I've made...to be honest they're the best ones I've made so far...*facepalm* I use Photoshop 7. (A...
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    Someone, kill me already >.<

    Okay right, I am just a pathetic amateur who seeks improvement... ... ...well, here's a banner I've made.... I'll post some more eventually. Program used: Adobe Photoshop 7 Font: violation
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    Pippy's Workshop!

    Hi! For a long time I was thinking of opening a shop, but I was really bad at graphics back then^^; but now that I've improved, I am now thinking of starting a shop, so uhh...welcome, I guess? I am the experimental type when it comes to making fanarts. I play around with transparency a lot, and...
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    Some pictures...?

    Okay, deep breaths, you're not doing anything wrong, just posting a few frigging pictures for the others to comment and critique. *took a deep breath* Okay people/aliens/pokemon/vampires/werewolves, here are some...uhh...picture I've drawn. They're all pencil drawings. I normally play...
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    You ran into the above poster in the streets!

    Okay, picture this: You're walking/running/jogging on the street and obviously you forgot to look in front and then *bang* you ran into someone who happened to the the Above Poster! What do you do/say? Post your reaction. No inappropriate contents please.
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    sweet_piplup123's Favourite Pokemon!

    Okay alright...I took on this meme challenge this and that...went through about 5--6 days of drawing them and perfecting in colouring, with a few occasional swears in between. I apologise for some discolourings, but scanners are not always reliable, it seems. I present you my work...right now...
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    Signature Help!

    Okay...see my signature down there? The second half of the picture just kept giving me the little small cross and I am certain that I had put in the correct links. I tried reuploading the other half of the image on another image hosting site and it only worked for a few minutes, then the...
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon--Gemstone (PG 13)

    Unbelivable...after reading heaps of fanfic I decided to start on my own...my 1st ever fanfic. Man,I am still feeling nervous posting this... Title? Well all the other names I thought up were crap and only this one fits in with the plot. This is rated PG 13 because it will contain coarse...
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    Did you freak out?

    When I recently evolved my Torchic and Piplup,I freaked out because they looked so different it took me a while to actually calm down and get use to them. I guess I got used to seeing Torchic and Piplup because of the long storyline. What about you?
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    Aura bow

    You know how you get the bow with your aura in it in PMD 2? Just a survey,what colour and name is yours? Mine is deep green and it's called a "Virdian Bow". (not sure how to spell it)
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    Monster House Survey

    I thought I might post a thread like this since there is none. Anyway what would you normally do/orwhat is your reactions when you come across any monster houses in PMD1 or PMD2? (This is a survey,not a question)