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    The FR/LG Monotype Challenge! V.3

    Welcome all to the FR/LG Monotype Challenge V.3. The last one, made by Dramatic Melody, died, and I have had permission from Angeling to start this one. There is a R/S/E version of this in the in-game team rate forum but not for FR/LG. The aim of the monotype challenge is for you to try and...
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    Totodile, Croconaw and Feraligatr Club V.2

    I'm really lazy, so this is mostly from the last one. This one was made because the owner left and gave the job to me. This club is just a gathering of all those who love the all-powerful, Johto water starter and evos! Here we can discuss whatever as long as it's about pokemon. We can do...
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    The Bookworms Club V.2

    DO you enjoy reading? Do you want to discuss the latest good book you have read? Do you want talk about future books or great old books? Do you enjoy books with fiction, adventure, horror, animals, etc.? Well, why not join this club!!! Right then, the club has been resarted due to...
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    Humans using Pokemon Moves! V.2

    The former thread was in General Discussion, along with recommendation for the games section. So, here it is! To play the game, you pick a pokemon move, say, water gun, and think what the advantages and disadvantages of humans learning it would be. e.g: Good: Human Fire Hose! Bad...
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    Where can Nintendo make new features for the 3rd 4th gen game?

    I was just thinking, whwere can Nintendo change D/P to make it different and more original, like they did for Emerald? First of All, i thought they could do something with the church at Hearthome with Giratina, as it is the Legendary of Death. Any body else got any ideas?
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    Help Making Sprites?

    Hi Does anyone know a website that may help me make pokemon sprites easier? I tried making A salamence-Leafeon one but it didn't work and i need help!
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    Manga to anime?

    Does anyone else think they should turn pokemon special into a cartoon to rival the current anime series, as i'm sure this would boost its popularity and cauuse viz to remake the G/S/C arc at least. If it got out of Japan, i mean.
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    Just a little question...

    Hi. I'm quite new to serebii forums, so i still not quite sure how everything works. So, how do you change the small banner underneath your name( the one of mine that has oak, bulbasaur and charmander on), or does it change automatically? All help is very appreciated!!