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    Battle Subway Team: Round 2

    I'm back with this rotation so far: • Volcarona @ Rocky Helmet • Flame Body • Bold • 252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SpAtk - Quiver Dance - Bug Buzz - Flamethrower - Hurricane I attached Rocky Helmet, because whenever Physical contact is made, then it can do damage, as well as have Flame Body...
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    The NHL Thread

    Didn't see a hockey thread anywhere, so I thought I'd kick one off! So now we're in the 2nd Round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Any thoughts about this or whatever else in the NHL? Then go on and post!
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    Battle Subway Team (HELP!)

    Okay, so now I'm completing the colors for my trainer card. I've gotten everything EXCEPT the Battle Subway challenges. So far, I've only got one Pokemon I'm planning on using for my Super Singles: Volcarona @ Chesto Berry Bold 252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 SpAtk -Rest -Quiver Dance -Bug Buzz...
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    Trickster44's Trade Shop

    Welcome to my Trade Shop! RULES: 1. Obey all SPPf Rules 2. Respect the mods, fellow traders, and those viewing. If you don't comply with this, you will be on the Blacklist 3. If you are a frequent customer who has good Pokemon to offer, you may be able to go on the Whitelist 4. Please trade...
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    Trickster44's Art Shop

    Welcome to my Art Shop! First, RULES 1. All SPPf Rules apply 2. Keep your language in tact 3. In the case of banners, please provide a link to the image you'd like. I don't like picking because it won't make it fun. The request is for the requester, not the creator. 4. Please post requests in...