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  1. Lord Godwin

    If instead of Master 8 there would've been a master 16 or 32 instead

    So Let's imagine the last level of the PWT is Master 16 or even Master 32 and we are still getting it in a form of an Tournament who would you want to see there? As a bonus you can write some fun Match-ups that you would see working here.
  2. Lord Godwin

    Would Hisuian form fit Ash (and Dawn) Pokemon

    So based on character, lore and looks do you think Hisuian Decidueye would suit as an Evolution for Ash's Rowlett, Hisuian Samurott for Ash's Oshawott and Hisuian Typhlosion Ash or Dawn's Quilava? Extra question: would Ursaluna suits as Paul's Ursaring Evo and Kleavor as Tracy's or Bugsy's Scyther?
  3. Lord Godwin

    If Ash would use all of his reserves (and some extras) what 9 Teams of 6 would you create?

    So if Ash would use all of his reserves (and some extras) what 9 Teams of 6 would you create and against who would you like to see him fighting with them. By Region we have the following numbers: - 7 for Kanto (8 counting Squirtle): Bulbasaur, Charizard, Squirtle, Tauros, Kingler, Muk, Snorlax...
  4. Lord Godwin

    Divide all 900+ Pokemon into Regional Dexes of 150 (151)

    So as we have over 900 Pokemon species, how would you divide them into 6 Regional dexes 150 (od 151) each? If you want to use alt forms (Regional, Megas, Gigantamax etc) you can even create around 7 Dexes. Have fun!
  5. Lord Godwin

    If you were to replace Agatha's 2nd Gengar

    So as much as I like 99% of the Teams Let's Go gave to trainers and how much it improved Gen 1 Teams the only 2 Teams I did not like were Blue's and Agatha's. Blue for it being to similar to Lance (Charizard, Gyarados, Aerodactyl) and not giving him at least 1 Ground Type (Sandlash seems a...
  6. Lord Godwin

    Diantha-like Teams for other Champions

    So as uncool as Diantha seems to most people there is an interesting theme going for her Team: each Pokemon focuses on a certain stat and are of a different color: Hawlucha (Green, Speed); Tyrantrum (Red, Attack); Aurorus (Blue, HP); Gourgeist (Brown, Defense); Goodra (Purple, Special...
  7. Lord Godwin

    Which 5-Pokemon Team was the best (strongest, coolest, best-suited, up to you):)

    Which 5-Pokemon Team was the best (strongest, coolest, best-suited, up to you):)
  8. Lord Godwin

    Best 6-Pokemon Team used by NPCs

    Which 6-Pokemon Team was the best (strongest, coolest, best-suited, up to you):)
  9. Lord Godwin

    What if each Gym Leader/Elite 4 member/Champion/Trial Captain/Kahuna were the 1st Gym Leader?

    As mentioned by Brock in Pokemon Origins, each Gym Leader adjust their Team depending on the number of Badges a Trainer has. What if each Gym Leader/Elite 4 member/Champion/Trial Captain/Kahuna were the 1st Gym Leader? Some general Rules: As besides Milo whose Ace is lv 20 and has BST of 460...
  10. Lord Godwin

    Create Your type expert

    Ok So the rules are quite simple: 1. Chose a Gym Leader or Elite Four Member (Or other type specialist) 2. Replace them with another specialist you came up with. NOTE: specialist must use a type not represented by a specialist in the same Region (e.g. In Kanto you can only choose Bug, Flying...
  11. Lord Godwin

    Top 3 Strongest Pokemon in each League

    Top 3 Strongest Pokemon in each League Conference So since people are comparing whole Pokemon Teams in the Anime I wanted to take a different approach and wanted to ask which were the Top 3 Strongest Pokemon in each League conference as it not always co-relates with how far a Trainer went in...
  12. Lord Godwin

    Assign legendary Pokemon to all Key characters

    What Legendary/Mythical + Trainer (and other NPC) pairs do you think might work well?
  13. Lord Godwin

    Your Champion Team with a Mega, a Z-Move and a Gigantamax

    So let's imagine you are taking part in a Pokemon Tournament when you can have all a Mega, a signature Z-move (doable in SM/USUM) and also a Gigantamax Pokemon. What would your Team be? I would probably go with Mega Tyranitar, Decidueye with his Z-move (Sinister Arrow Raid) and a Gigantamax...
  14. Lord Godwin

    Hop's Team against Eternatus?

    So I did notice neither Bulbapedia nor any other source confirms Hop's full Team during the Team-up battle against Eternatus? Did anyone check the full Team he uses? Does he use the 5 Pokemon from the Champion Cup or the 3 Pokemon against Macro Cosmos? Or maybe does he have 6 Pokemon? I...
  15. Lord Godwin

    Most popular non-battleable characters?

    Since the majority of Pokemon Characters are also trainers and we can battle at some point they are included as fan favorites (Most siginificant being Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champions and Rivals) There are only few siginificant characters who we cannot battle against. Who do you consider as...
  16. Lord Godwin

    Pokemon Professors and Mythicals

    So now with Professor Oak and Mew introduced as a pair in Pokemon Masters I wanted to hear your thoughts about various Pokemon Professors and mythicals from their respective Generations and which would work as good Teams/Sync Pairs? My thoughts: Oak and Mew - I think they make sense and work...
  17. Lord Godwin

    Dyna-/Gigantomax Levels for trainers

    Can anyone please post at which Dyna-/Gigantomax Levels are the in-game trainers use for each battle (Gym Battles/Champion Cup semifinals/Finals/Rematches etc)? I was under the impression they use the max (10) lv all The Time until someone posted that Hop has a lower lv for Inteleon compared to...
  18. Lord Godwin

    Z-moves vs (Dyna)Max Moves

    So how would you compare each Type specific Z-moves vs Max Moves it it comes to the animation and concept? We have the following: NORMAL Breakneck Blitz VS Max Strike ROCK Continental Crush VS Max Rockfall WATER Hydro Vortex VS Max Geyser ELECTRIC Gigavolt Havoc VS Max Lightning GRASS Bloom...
  19. Lord Godwin

    Meowth's missed potential

    Just realized (due to the newest SwSh trailer) that Meowth works really well with Pikachu and Eevee. There were 2 great ways it could be implemented in Let's GO games: 1.I could've easily been the 3rd Starter in Let's Go which could've been stolen by Jessie and James. 2. It could be taken by the...
  20. Lord Godwin

    Best Generation for Each Type

    Which Generation do you think did most justice for all of the types if it comes to Pokemon representing it (megas/Regional forms included)?