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    The "Boo OU" Tournament

    I have been wanting to host a tournament (or participate in one) for some time now, and I figured I'd try holding one here, seeing how Serebii is well known and everything. Nothing fancy, but here are the rules: 16 player single elimination *Only BL, UU and NU Pokemon are allowed (Smogon's...
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    Soft Reseting

    Is it true that it drains the save battery much more rapidly? I've been thinking of SR'ing for a legendary or two, but was curious as to if soft reseting has any possible, negative side effects. Thanks for the feedback! :)
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    Random Wifi Nicknames

    Why is it that sometimes you see pokemon nicknames and sometimes you don't? Any reason behind this?
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    Nintendo Original Warranty

    How many days is the STANDARD warranty without the extra 90-day one?
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    Item Clause, good or bad?

    I'm not quite sure where to post this thread, whether it be here or maybe in 4th gen discussion, so if this is the wrong place then please move it and I appologize in advance. My question is, when Nintendo hosts tournaments (such as JAA), do they enforce Item Clause? Most people that I...
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    Custom Robo Arena DS

    How is it? My friend and I are considering buying this game but I'm not sure if it'll have lasting appeal.
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    Pokemon TFG

    On September 19th, the Pokemon Trading Figure Game will launch over here in the states. My questions are, is anyone thinking of getting into it? Also, will there be a section on the site/forums for this game like there is for the TCG? I myself am debating on whether or not I should bother...
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    last resort

    I have a question on how this attack works. I was considering giving my Ambipom it, yet what I wanted to know was does it only work if all three other moves were used while it was out there (and then reset if switched out), or, does it record the PP usage of the other three moves and once...
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    The Donfather

    I've recently decided to raise a Donphan to add to my team since I've come to notice that many of my pokes that I like to use are vulnerable to rock. So, I thought it'd be fun (and smart) to add a Donphan to my team since it makes for a good physical wall. My question is, I've been thinking the...
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    Gateway Trade keeps

    When you beat the Trade Battle sets in Gateway Colosseum, do you keep the pokemon that were originally on the pass AS WELL AS the ones you swapped for? Because the main thing that I am wondering is that, let's say that there are 6 rental passes (36 rental pokes), are you only aloud to keep 36...
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    Best Adventures of Blue & Green?

    I recently bought The Best Adventures of Red and Yellow, and I was wondering if there is a Best Green or Blue. If not, do you think they might make them in the near future? I got a gift card for Border's book store and decided to check out the pokemanga there and the artwork/humor is actually...
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    How is the ID# generated?

    Is it completely random or is it based off of when the game was made? I got 00106 for my ID# and was quite amazed seeing how I've never seen anything lower than 29k, 44k, or 61k depending on the previous games. Is it random or what? Thanks for any helpful feedback.
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    Competitive Level Caps?

    I know some people play with level 100s, and some with 50s. My local community uses 50s since they're faster to raise and whatnot, but my question here is this: What does the MAJORITY of competitive WiFi players use? Level 50s or Level 100s? Or is it something odd like 75? ;328; Thanks...
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    WiFi Connection Questions

    I was wondering a few things that maybe some of you importers may be able to answer for me. 1. From what I've read, friend code only, correct? 2. Do you both have to try connecting with eachother at the same time, or do just talk to the Pokecenter admin and basically go "online" and wait...
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    Move Teacher

    I looked under the D/P page and didn't see anything on this so I decided to ask. I'm sure that the move re-teacher exists in these games, yet what I was wondering is what does he/she ask for in return? Is it still heart scales?
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    Water Spout & Eruption

    They seem to be very powerful moves... 150atp, 100ata, and sure the atp dwindles along with your HP but Wailord could always use Rest + chesto berry. My question is, howcome these two moves are never suggested for movesets? Are they only effective at 100% hp and then they basically crap out?
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    3rd gen ribbons

    Quick question... will they be carrying over? If so, does that mean that D/P will have a new set of say 20 ribbons, yet the total would be 40 (for example) due to 3rd gen ribbons? I just started enjoying contests and I don't want those hard earned ribbons to just be flushed away...
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    Lv100 EV box trick?

    I've recently been EV bombing my belt so that I may redo certain EVs. Well, after I maxed out on vitamins, I then started to fill in the rest of the manual EVs towards the desired stats. Yet, they don't seem to be rising anymore and I'm sure that should be since well... they're not high...
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    Link Battles

    Are there True Double Battles in D/P or PBR (not NPC ones, but ones with a friend) or do we need to wait for the third installment and just hope? =/
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    Exp rates

    Compared to the 3rd gen which had Colosseum/XD colosseums to grind in, the VS seeker in FR/LG which was amazingly useful, the improved E4 in FR/LG as well, and the match call in RSE (RSE is the worst when it comes to grinding IMO), how do D/P stack up against it? Is there a feature similar to...