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    Looking for Vulpix

    I am in need for 2 shiny Vulpix, and I will offer alot for them. I have Shiny milotics and Shiny Swamperts and Shiny Vileplumes. You will have to wait until my friend trades them to me, though.
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    Alto's Flea Market

    This is officially my trading thread. Come one come all, check out what I have today. That's right, I'm selling. Rare Pokemon: Gible: 1 Adamant, 4 other not great natures Charmander: Mild Nature, will bring in more Cloyster, only one Evees, Bagons, and Beldums Legends: Regirock...
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    Shinies for Trade

    I'm posting a new thread, because the other one wasn't broad enough. Yes, like the title says, I am gonna trade shines to you guys. My friend technically owns them, and I will be recieving them via trade when I see him. This may be two to three weeks from now. But, I am taking offers now. I...
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    Shiny Milotic

    That's right, My friend and I finally gotten hold of a few shiny Milotics. This took him weeks of hatching. Now we are offering them up for trade. My friend doesn't have Wi-Fi, so it will be a while before the trades will actually take place. Fot that, I need you to post all offers here. We'll...
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    Alto's Soopah Doopah Trade Center

    It's that time of year again... not really. But it does mean that I will be recieving Wi-Fi tomorrow. This means I am opening my home to all foreign trades. Come here, and post whatever you want from the list below and what you are offering. If you have a request pokemon that you want me to get...
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    Um, I'm kinda freaked

    I was browsing a web page, and a bunch of red skulls appeared on the page. i closed the windows and opened a new page. Everything was fine then and it hasn't happened. what the hell did that mean?
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    Quick flash

    The theme of this team is to quickly kill off opponents without having to waste turns Starmie @ Shell bell Modest Thunderbolt Ice beam Surf psychic Crobat @ leftovers Adamant Wing attack Shadow Ball Sludge bomb Steel wing Swellow @ Bright Powder Adamant Aerial Ace Endevour Steel wing...
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    BF team

    well, i've been working on a team for the battle tower. I'm open to any suggestions Blaziken @ ??> (3rd Position) Mild Evs 252 sp att 252 Att 6 spd Flamethrower Thunderpunch Sky Uppercut Rock Slide Espeon @ ??? (1st position) Modest EVs Defense 252 Sp Att 56 Spd 202 Calm Mind Baton Pass...
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    Stuck on charizard

    As the title says, I'm trying to work out a good charizard. Charizard @ (need help here) Mild Hidden Power Grass Flamethrower Dragon Claw (I don't know what to use)
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    Problems with Miss Fire Bird

    I am here for some pointers on befriending moltres. i have tried about 20 times + with all kinds of combinations.I even tried with my latios and still no... Yes I have beaten the game, and my rescue rank is silver. Any tips?
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    A wonder of the video game system we all wish to figure

    I know this is a problem for many, and I see why. Corrupt save files. Does anyone know how you can fix a corrupt save file on a nintendo DS game. Looking at what has happened to manyin the distant past and present times, I think we all need to know. Is it possible at all, how does it occur...
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    Dragon Unlimited

    my powerful dragon team has returned with a better base W/O ubers Dragonair @ shell bell Modest Flamethrower Surf Thunderbolt Dragonbreath Charizard @ shell bell Rash Flamethrower Dragon Claw EQ Rock Slide Aerodactyl @ Leftovers Adamant EQ Double Edge Rock Slide Aerial Ace...
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    BF Power Swap team Battle Dome

    i call it power swap, you'll see why Blaziken @ CB (3rd Position) Mild Evs 252 sp att 252 Att 6 spd Flamethrower Thunderpunch Sky Uppercut Rock Slide Espeon @ ??? (1st position) Modest EVs Defense 252 Sp Att 56 Spd 202 Calm Mind Baton Pass Psychic ...
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    Mixed Strike and Counter team V1

    This team was made to do 2x damage to every type and still kick butt while blocking every possible weakness Rayquaza @ Shell Bell Mild Dragon Claw Ice Beam Flamethrower Thunderbolt ______________________________ Blaziken @ Shell Bell Mild Flamethrower Sky Uppercut Rock Slide...
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    team sonic

    Sceptile @ shell bell mild Leaf Blade Thunderpunch Earthquake Dragon Claw ___________________________ Arcanine @ Leftovers mild Extreme Speed Flamethrower Iron Tail Toxic __________________________ Alakazam @ shell bell mild ice punch thunderpunch fire punch psychic...
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    Sa Sweepers

    Latios @ Soul Dew Modest Calm Mind Luster Purge Dragon Claw Thunderbolt ____________________ Kyogre @ peyta Modest Calm Mind Water Spout Thunder Ice Beam ____________________ Alakazam @ shell bell modest psychic ice punch fire punch thunderpunch...
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    Physical Killers

    Tyranitar @ Quick Claw Naughty Earthquake Rock Slide Thunderbolt Aerial Ace _________________________ Machamp @ Shell Bell Adamant Brick Break Rock Slide Earthquake Revenge __________________________ Aggron @ Quick Claw Naughty Aerial Ace Iron Tail Earthquake Rock Slide...
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    X Dragon Team

    One of my strangest ingame teams ever Kingdra/Focus Band Mild Dragonbreath Hyper Beam Surf Ice Beam ______________________________________ Gayrados/Quick Claw Mild Flamethrower EQ Surf Thunderbolt ____________________________________________ Salamance/Kings rock Mild Flamethrower EQ...
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    My new team

    i have made an even better team than before. my team is Metagross/quick claw Rash Psychic Earthquake Ice Punch Meteor Mash Kingdra/kings rock Mild Surf Ice Beam Dragonbreath Hyper Beam (emergencies only!!) Blaziken/Focus Band Mild Flamethrower Blaze Kick Sky Uppercut...
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    Hyper team

    I've decided to build a team that uses hyper beam-related moves effectivley. ;157; Typlosion/leftovers Naughty Flamethrower Blast burn Thunderpunch Earthquake ;003; Venusaur/Leftovers Mild Frenzy plant sludge bomb Solar beam Sunny day ;009; Blastoise/Leftovers Modest...