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    Which Companion collectively has the strongest team

    Strictly speaking of past/current characters who have accompanied Ash on his journey. So no talk of Gary, Paul, Barry, Trip, etc; they don't count. Between Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and Cilan. I'm puzzling on my own decision at this point, I can't decide.
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    Dream Cast

    Apologies if topic is forbidden. Had this topic on the back of my mind for about a week now and only just produced to motivation to ask it. In the most recent episode that was dubbed (the Cubchoo one), I swear I kept hearing Yamcha from Dragon Ball Z in Mienfoo's trainer. So it got me...
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    Released/permanently traded Pokemon you would like to see again

    (not counting Unofficial (Haunter/Larvitar) Well, since my "Search" tab isn't working for some reason, I have to make this thread myself. Apologies if I failed to find an existing thread. Which Pokemon of the past do you wish to see (/again) since its release? I put Primeape on the Poll...
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    If the Starter Trio Choice was different

    I apologise if this is better suited to Polls instead. As we know, GAMEFREAK provide us with many different Rock-Paper-Scissors combinations within the 17 Types of Pokemon there are. The most standout/obvious relationship like this is Grass Fire Water, each representing part of the...
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    Least amount of Pokemon used against Elite Four & Champion?

    I have heard about somebody (a couple of months ago, on this site) going through the entire game and only using just 1 Pokemon. I personally have not done this myself, but I try to limit who I use to just the same team throughout. Anyway, on the topic of my question, What is the least...
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    Most effective Type, in your opinion

    Not gonna bother making a poll for this, too many options. Anywhoo, which Type do you find most helpful in-game? Personally, I find that Psychic, Ghost, Fighting and Fire work best for me. Usually, every generation includes a forest of which is infested with Bug and/or Grass types...
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    Real Life situations you could use Pokemon Battles to benefit

    Now I know what you're all thinking. "Not another 'What if Pokemon were real V x million.0' thread", but bear with me here. I don't know about you but I have always viewed Pokemon as one of the greatest ideas ever. I just wanna know, what possible disputes could be resolved from a simple...
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    Favorite part of Gameplay

    Pre/Post E4? ie. Do you prefer the game from the start through all 8 gyms or just the Elite Four and things that follow (Eg. Access to more legendaries, new area, etc.)? I mean, for me, I only just beat Cynthia in Pearl, first time with Empoleon, and I realize, all the stuff that follow...
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    Coolest design?

    Which Pokemon [excluding Legendaries] have the best overall design from each generation of Pokemon? Could be sprites, I dunno Mines is: Gen 1: Electabuzz Gen 2: Typhlosion Gen 3: Gardevior or Aggron Gen 4: Torterra. A turtle with a freakin' tree on its shell man!
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    Most amount of Legendaries?

    Playing HeartGold at the moment, trying to catch Moltres. It got me thinking, What is the highest amount of Legendary Pokemon you have ever caught in any Main-series Pokemon Game? They need to be in-game Legendaries, so that means no Event Pokemon (ie Arceus, Deoxys) At the moment in...
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    What console(s) did you grow up with?

    Sorry if I have not posted this in the correct forum, or if another thread already exists. But I'm eager to discuss, what platform everybody had in their childhood. For example, I'm 18 years old, and when I was around 4 or 5 my parents bought a Nintendo 64 for Christmas, my first games...
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    (HYPOTHETICAL) R/S/E remake; storyline

    I am half sure this might/might not be, but Hoenn still needs to make it to the DS. But I ask you, which game's storyline would it follow? Parts of Heartgold and Soulsilver have elements of Crystal in it, most importantly, Eusine and Suicune. But would (hypothetical) Hoenn remakes...
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    *Insert first person* wish...

    ...I was a wolf. Or an Orca. Title pretty much explains it. Are there any animals/people/machines you wish you could be?
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    What do you think of the *Middle stage* of STARTERS?

    I know this is all based on personal opinion, sometimes the starters can go from Cute to Ugly, but sometimes their Final form just makes them look epic. What do you guys actually think of the MIDDLE stage? Pokemon like: Ivysaur Charmeleon Wartortle Bayleef Quilava Croconaw Grovyle...
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    Thoughts on Cosplay

    What does everyone think about dressing as their favorite Anime/Manga/video game character(s)? For instance, I have taken sudden interest in it, I have yet to do so, but I will sometime soon. I thought about going to Supernova (Australian event) dressed as Waluigi, but then I realized that...
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    Annoying habits you want phased out?

    Are there any habits, or personality factors that you wish will just phase out already? Like for example if you are really annoyed with Piplup being a clutz, like the way I feel about him. We are stuck in one big loop with this. I mean, it's a gag, but enough is enough! Or like Gible (EDITED)...
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    Edit the little thingy...

    How do I edit the thingy underneath my name that says "Knuckle Trainer"? I have seen that some people have written their own stuff instead if what is there. So how do I rename it?
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    Posting links

    Hi, I've been on Serebii FORUMS for a few months now, and I have noticed that some people post link, but they know to name them. I was wondering, how do you rename the links? like instead of "www.google... etc"
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    ~Make up a scenario(s) for Ethan/Brendan/Lucas~

    So far in the main Pokemon Anime series, Ash has been the only character shown representing a male Protagonist from the main game series. Obviously he does not resemble Red directly, but he is loosely based on him, as Gary represents Blue. Jimmy, based on Ethan, was seen in the spin-off series...
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    Misty, of Cerulean, do you think her?

    Do you think that any of Misty's Pokemon have evolved while she has been working full time since Ash went to Hoenn? Like last time we saw her she showed off her awesome Gyarados she tamed. But what else of her team has happened since that point? Her main team, according to Bulbapedia...