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  1. The Admiral

    [MTG] Standard UBg Phenax

    This is something I'm working on brewing for Standard. It definitely needs some adjustments, though. Also, I'm missing a sideboard. I don't know all of what I need for that, but Unravel the Aether seems to be one of the cards I could stand to have there. LAND BASE 4x Breeding Pool 1x...
  2. The Admiral

    [MTG] Alternate Clone

    We all probably know the card Clone pretty well -- the blue four-drop that comes into play as a copy of a creature. Of course, if there's no other creature in play, it's useless. Surely it could be a little better, right? Especially with spells that create copies of creatures for less...
  3. The Admiral

    [EDH] Derevi Stasis

    Something I've been working on. The first draft is not bad, but I know I'm missing some stuff. (Some of this REALLY hasn't been changed from the original precon, of course.) COMMANDER Derevi, Empyrial Tactician CREATURES Acidic Slime Adarkar Valkyrie Angel of Finality Angelic...
  4. The Admiral

    [MTG-EDH] Teysa, Orzhov Scion

    Pretty simple, but this is a first draft, and a real-life deck. COMMANDER Teysa, Orzhov Scion LANDS Barren Moor Command tower Evolving Wilds Orzhov Basilica Orzhov Guildgate Reliquary Tower Tainted Field Temple of the False God Terramorphic Expance Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth...
  5. The Admiral

    [MTG-Casual] Extort

    This is based on something I couldn't do in Standard -- 0-cost spells combined with extort. LANDS 4x Fetid Heath 8x Plains 8x Swamp EXTORT SOURCES 4x Basilica Screecher 4x Kingpin's Pet 4x Syndic of Tithes 4x Thrull Parasite 0-COST SPELLS 4x Gitaxian Probe 4x Gut Shot 4x...
  6. The Admiral

    Games that have made you sad.

    No, I'm not referring to stuff like Limbo of the Lost, games that are such hideous abominations that their existence makes you depressed... I'm referring to games that, for reasons involving good writing, make you sad. For example, Metal Gear Solid, for reasons involving Yeah, I'm...
  7. The Admiral

    [MTG-ST] BG Hydra

    This is the current build I'm running for Hydra, after hashing out some of it on Cockatrice (turns out I had more openings than I thought) and running it through the SPP FNM... Lands: 4x Overgrown Tomb 4x Woodland Cemetery 8x Forest 8x Swamp Creatures: 4x Arbor Elf 4x Corpsejack...
  8. The Admiral

    [MTG] Dimir Monitor, etc.

    A few new designs. Well, and one is old. Dimir Monitor - 0 Artifact Creature - Construct (R) (color indicator: blue/black) Cast only one spell named Dimir Monitor per turn. While you’re searching your library, you may cast Dimir Monitor from your library. 0/1 Copper-Skin Vermin - H/G...
  9. The Admiral

    [MTG] Shock Wave, and discussion on a fake card set.

    Design is fairly simple. Compare Whipflare Shock Wave 1RR Sorcery {U} Shock Wave deals 2 damage to target player and each creature he or she controls. ----- That aside, some community set ideas. (I didn't think it would be acceptable to not post a card. If this doesn't work, let me know.) I...
  10. The Admiral

    [MTG] Synchronous Madness, Bonded Lightning, etc.

    A few more custom designs -- I'll probably just use this one thread for custom cards. For a lot of these, they're based on mechanics I'm using for a custom set. I'm borrowing arcane/splice from the Kamigawa block, and trying to work out a few new ways to use them, since it was an extremely...
  11. The Admiral

    Voice Acting Thread

    Basically kind of similar to a lot of other threads here. Here is -- you guessed it -- a thread to discuss voice-acting in video games. Your favorites, your least favorites, the most bizarre you've ever heard... you get it. Posting links is definitely encouraged. Explanations are probably a...
  12. The Admiral

    [MTG] Two random red cards and Kiora Atua

    Here's three new things I've... well, mostly completed. Images are linked. (no name) | R Creature - Goblin Shaman Cascade 1/1 | Common Resonate | XRRR Instant Whenever a spell is copied by Resonate, you may choose new targets for the copy. Choose one -- Copy X target nonpermanent...
  13. The Admiral

    [MTG] Ral Zarek

    This one's old. Real old. So, yeah, posting it again for the curious. No "actual" set symbol. As far as the image quality? JPEG compression. MSE2 makes really bad JPEGs. Ral Zarek | 2RU Planeswalker - Ral +2: Ral Zarek deals 2 damage to target creature. You may return creature you control...
  14. The Admiral

    [MTG-Casual] BR Immortal Coil

    I had a few similar deck ideas kicking around when Bazaar Trader came out. It seemed like a great card, but there was nothing to really use it with other than Act of Treason effects. Immortal Coil was impractical in standard at the time. Instead, I built it for Casual... a few years later...
  15. The Admiral

    [MTG-EDH] Animar, Soul of Elements

    You know the drill. I built this deck probably around when Innistrad came out, or maybe even before -- Dion probably remembers. In any case, it's old as hell and could use a lot of updates. This one is also currently Cockatrice-only; I can basically make any mod to it I want, but it's not...
  16. The Admiral

    [MTG-EDH] Kaalia of the Vast Ver. 1.0

    I'm basically open to any suggestions other than "tear it apart and use the pieces for other decks" or "get dual lands" (even though that would be a great idea) because Obvious Reasons. GENERAL: Kaalia of the Vast LANDS: 7x Plains 8x Swamp 6x Mountain Akoum Refuge Arid Mesa Barren...
  17. The Admiral

    Minor iPod funk

    Really, this is a small problem, but it's bugging the crap out of me, since I'm really anal about some things. Especially this, somehow. So, okay. On the newer versions of the iPod Classic, as with most iPods, artwork can be displayed. However, I've noticed on this iPod, for some stupid...
  18. The Admiral

    The Arctic to be ice-free?

    Apparently, it's not all bad, though. http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/weather/06/27/north.pole.melting/index.html Excerpt: So, opinions? Is this, overall, bad or good? Etc. Also, apparently, he said this isn't too bad? I think Al Gore's happy sack just went in the gutter.
  19. The Admiral

    Anti-war activists are "traitors," says Michael Reagan.

    Anti-war activist a "traitor," says Michael Reagan. Maybe this is old new, and I'm sorry if it is, but this is just so ludicrous a story I felt the need to bring it to your collective attention. http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/june2008/130608_b_murder.htm Youtube audio link given at...
  20. The Admiral

    The Gates of Dawn

    Warnings again: Language, violence, alcohol, smoking. Also, this post is written by myself and Cenodoxus. [-- BEGIN POST --] DAY 1 - 9:12 AM, Bedlam Bridge Bedlam Bridge was an impressive architectural feat for having been built with only steam technology. It was the largest bridge in the...