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    What is your style of playing?

    Do you train only your starter and rush through the game? Or do you like to meticulously and lovingly train all you carefully selected pokemon to the Elite Four? What is your style of playing? Post below ^^
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    Problem with Private Messaging, Posting

    Hello there People! Recently whenever i post, stuff like this have been appearing at the bottom with a really big space. Sometimes It even comes up in the bbc recipients, making it so i can't send a pm. Have any of you been experiencing this problem as well...
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    A Fallen Angel's Humble Abode: A rng shop with events, shinies, and a little breeding

    Pic by Shade2000~ Hello and welcome to my humble abode where i sell Custom Rng's, events, and Shiny/Flawless Pokemon. *Bows* Acknowledgements/Awesome shop owners Banned Peeps Before we go any further however, I have some rules (just a little.... Sorry ^^") to set down. RULES That's all for...
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    Your Nuzlocking Experiences

    Recently i've got into the more deeper parts of pokemon such as the competetive aspects, the rng'ing, and nuzlocking. Nuzlocking ain't easy. When my pokemon dies from a random critical hit i feel the greatest urge to soft reset, and i mourn the passing. When that overpowered rival comes up a...