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  1. Murder Doll

    LF 0 Speed IV Ditto

    Looking for a Ditto with 0 IVs in Speed for the purpose of breeding for Trick Room teams. I have a variety of 4 IV Ditto as well as a 5 IV one only missing Special Defense. Additionally I have a Shiny Pancham available for a particularly good 0 Speed IV Ditto
  2. Murder Doll

    The Ghost Type Club [It's Alive!]

    The Ghost Type Club Greetings and welcome to the club of the undead! In this club you may strike up conversation in regards to all things ghost type including: Moves, Pokemon & even anime appearances! Rules: All SPPF & Club rules apply here of course Don't go around bashing people, it's rude...
  3. Murder Doll

    The Adoptables Thread.

    Hello everyone this thread is for the posting & discussion of any and all adoptable. Feel free to post any of your adoptables here and talk about them/others. Also for those who may not know adoptables are little images people can "adopt" & put in their sig, each time a person clicks/views this...
  4. Murder Doll

    User Absence Thread.

    The PASBL has something like this so I figured why not make this for the more general user. At any rate the basic idea is that you foresee being absent from the forums for a extensive period of time and for whatever reason wan't to tell us about it. Rules: 1. Only post if you're going to be...
  5. Murder Doll

    If You Could Have One: Custom Avatars.

    Pretty simple, if you where allowed to use a custom avatar what would it be? Try to give some sort of reason for it as just posting a picture is rather spammy and boring.
  6. Murder Doll

    The Worst Thing.

    Hello everybody! The idea of this game is for one poster to state a subject and then the next poster says something that would be the worst thing for that subject in addition to posting the next subject. Format: Poster 1: Competitive Pokemon Poster 2: Life Orb Shednja Movies...
  7. Murder Doll

    Give the Above User a Title.

    The thread name says it all really. No bashing and what not and of course all serebii rules apply.
  8. Murder Doll

    Rate the Above Poster.

    Name says it all really. You can base rating off of any combination of recent posts, profile, and avatar/title/location theme. Please remain respectful of your follow posters and all Serebii rules apply.
  9. Murder Doll

    Terrorists, What Rights Should They Have?

    So water-boarding amongst other forms of torture have long since been banned by the united states. This was because it was considered "inhumane" This thread is for the debate of wether or not you think any form of torture should be prevented from accuring when the situation may call for it...
  10. Murder Doll

    Serena: Of Love and Reasons.

    Hello everyone! This thread is for the discussing of why you think they've decided to make Serena in love with Ash. So...have at it. (All serebii rules apply...duh)
  11. Murder Doll

    What Moves SHOULDN'T They Get?

    There's a thread for what moves people think pokemon should get so why not the opposite? At any rate I saw this conversation pop a few times so here's my lame OP. I'll start things off with the Nidos learning Thunderbolt....I meen they're ground types and they don't seem to really have a...
  12. Murder Doll

    Wonder(ful) Trade Event!

    Hello everyone! I generally release about five pokemon with 5 perfect IVs each saturday via Wonder Trade and next Saturday I will be putting up 2 entire boxes consisting of Mareep and Gurdurr with the same amount of IVs mentioned. I would like to invite you all to join me in making Wonder...
  13. Murder Doll

    Stupid Things You Did: Serebii Forums Noob

    Hello everyone! At some point we where all new members to this forum and as usual many of us have made some pretty silly mistakes and done stupid things while we where noobs. Feel free to post any of the funny/embarrassing things you did as a noob to this forum.
  14. Murder Doll

    Team of Favorites.

    I've decided I want to make a team consisting of pokemon I like that are at least somewhat viable so here it is. The pokemon themselves are not going to be changed but move sets and so forth are things I would appreciate advice and commentary on. Luxray (m), Choice Band Jolly ,Rivalry EVs...
  15. Murder Doll

    Anime = Cartoon?

    I see some people there is a difference and some even get offended if you call what they see as purely a "cartoon" an anime. What are your thoughts? Is there realy a difference?
  16. Murder Doll

    Easiest/Hardest Gym Leader.

    Title says it all realy..What gym leader did you find to be the easiest & which did you find the most challenging. Format: Easiest: (Comment Optional) Hardest: (Comment Optional) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Picks :)...
  17. Murder Doll

    Bulky SmashPass Team (Please Rate)

    Gorebyss Nature:Hasty Ability: Swift Swim EVs: 254 Health/ 254 Speed Item: White Herb Moves: Shell Smash, Baton Pass, Scald, Substitute Nideoqueen Nature:Hasty Ability: Sheer Power EVs: 254 SpA/254 Speed Item: Life Orb Moves: Earth Power, Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt Conkeldurr Nature...
  18. Murder Doll

    Your best memory of Pokemon.

    Hello everyone! As the title suggests this thread is for discussing your fondest memory of pokemon.
  19. Murder Doll

    Hearthstone Thread.

    Hello everyone! With open beta now being available I thought a thread for Blizzard's new online card game Hearthstone would be nice. Feel free to discuss decks, cards, strategies, that mage that annoyed you, and so on. Official website: http://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/
  20. Murder Doll

    The Weird Move Sets Thread

    Hello everyone! Do to popularity of smogon and other sites we have easy access to knowledge about good move sets & the like. This however has lead to a pretty predictable metagame. This thread is for the posting & discussing of weird/unsual move sets that you've seen, thought of, have...