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    The Alphabet Game

    simple, 1 user starts with a letter that starts with a that matches the topic. eg. the topic is fruit A=apple B=?? [next poster] B=Banana [and so on until] Z=??? then the z person says a new topic if there is no word of that letter that matches the topic put ...
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    Guess the song the above posters thinking of!!

    Intro: Hey its me again, Super Riolu, and i was listening to a song and i thought this would be an awesome game!! How to play:Its pretty simple, you Give 2 hints about the song, like the artist or genre, C.D. the songs from, or a quote, then the poster bolow will guess the title and give...
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    im not new but i wanna say HEEEY and watzuup to everyone!!
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    find me a new social group

    well, my fav. social group has been deleted recently so i want someone to give me a link to a fun rpg that someone posts on often. if you give me a good rpg group for me i will join.
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    Omg!!!! Eevee elite shutdown!!!!

    eevee elite was my most fav. club ever but i havent been on for a while and i realised it was gone!!! if 7eeveelutions is out there could you please tell me what happened... IF ANYONE KNOWS PLEASE TELL ME!!!!
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    how do i put my trainer card on my sig.

    yep, another how to question.
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    If you can be an anime charictors pokemon you will be...

    pretty long title, well if you could be one of the anime charictors pokemon you will be a... here is a couple egsamples if you dont get me, you can be ashes pikachu, broks steelix, cynthias garachomp but please keep it into main charictors pokemon.
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    platnim team?????

    i got platnim on wednesday and here is my current team. primplup: lv. 30 gentle nature ability:torrent metal claw peck bubblebeam return monferno lv. 28 impish nature ability:blaze flame wheel ember cut mach punch ivysaur lv. 31 sassy nature ability: overgrow...
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    12 movie site.

    what is the 12th movie site called. please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    super riolus sappire team

    my sappire team includes: gardevour item: macho brace effect: the pass on static thing moves: thunderbolt psykick confusion flash blazican item: onan berry type: unknown moves: blaze kick overheat ember and something elts [ my ds is dead so i cant check now] cool isnt it...
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    which pokemon symbolises you the most

    ... well the name prettymuch says it all, example: mine is riolu, because im smaller than most of my friends but i can beat any of them in a fight [ and i have]
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    who is your favorite warrior cat from the novels

    who is your favorite cat from the warrior novels. only for people who has read the books or manga.
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    who is the strongest champion of them all and why? i put this in other games because it involved all and it wouldnt fit in any other one, please tell me where it should go if im wrong.
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    trapinch help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    help help help!!!! i have just beat norman and i want my trapinch to evolve before the flying gym leader!!!!!! where should i train it!!!!
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    kirla help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey yal!!!! in sappire i have this level 27 kirla that i am having trouble with, i have a macho brace on it but yet it wont level up as fast as i want it, i have just beat norman and where should i go to level it up to level 40 QUICK!!
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    is the d/p/p series not as good as generations 1-3?

    i think the generations are getting worse by the second, pokemon sprites stink, elite 4 easy, and the rivals arent as important as back then.
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    serebiiforums avatar finding help

    here is a forum where people ask what kind or type of pokemon avatar they want to make there image pop with amasment!!!!!!! please include in answers the section of what the avatar is in and what page number it is on.
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    ash idea... riolu.

    today i was googleing riolu pictures then this idea came to me, remember the kidnapped riolu episodes? i dont think people think " hey lets make a 2 part episode for no stinkin reason" well i think NNNNNOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! so i bealive ash should meet the riolu [ the one that knows aura...
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    serebii help

    i want to change my about me but it wont let me edit it, could you please help me
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    misty gonelol

    do you miss misty, because i do also i think she should come back for the battle fronteer heres where you come in, what will her team be if she comes back